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  1. Robinz

    only 2 perks at lvl 54?
  2. Robinz

  3. Robinz

    how about removing both the deerstands and the new rule like rn?
  4. Robinz

    so, sdars are for underwater only?
  5. Robinz

    ppl want bf5 this bad? 500 replies
  6. Robinz

    what happens in kavala stays in kavala
  7. Robinz

    @Kyle Lake
  8. Robinz

  9. Robinz

    got those, they are nice
  10. Robinz

    can po's use sdars?
  11. Robinz

  12. Robinz

    set a limit to cop slots to like 15-20 so there isnt like 30 cops at feds? and dont allow higher up's to tell someone to give them their slot? could fix the issue of all the high ranking apd's joining for feds
  13. Robinz

    tdm/koth random teams

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