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  1. bump on meth
  2. They would be in the training dome. Not rocket science... just don’t interfere
  3. Ok that’ll work. PM me your steam and a set date. For anyone else interested, I’m still looking to buy.
  4. 1.8?
  5. I’ll do 1.6 for the 4MXs, 2 Type115s and the 2 CMRs assuming you have two.
  6. How many MXs, CMRs and Type115s?
  7. As the title says — looking for any kind of taser. Post what you have and the price range below, or PM it to me.
  8. Already sold. Better house here —
  9. Vigi's talk so much shit when then capture you. I guess they have to celebrate the small victories -- they never get big ones.

    1. Unjo


      Probably because the rebel is threatening to alt f4 lol

    2. Hoonter


      vigis be like "Lol youre so bad kid with i shot you in the back when you had a rook and were war point farming cant wait to send you to jail Mr. Hoonter you are wanted for 3 gang homicides for a total of 75k"

  10. Okay well get back to me I guess.
  11. yikes. no mk1. I'll do 500k for the MXM. Any MX's though??
  12. I'll do 900 for both MK1 and MXM. Also you got any more MX's?
  13. for both or separate?
  14. What's still for sale? MXM? MX?
  15. Rough estimate on what you want for mk1 and mxm taser?

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