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  1. We have reached maximum intellect.
  2. Peanuts

    I'm over here thinking my 54 is too much
  3. Peanuts

    You should do it without pressing shift and with night vision.
  4. Peanuts

    But someone said they would give money. So I bet you could find someone to sponsor a race.
  5. Peanuts

    I would totally join you but I'm busy at that time. I'll do it some other time though if there is a prize for winning.
  6. Peanuts

    I think it would be OK like this but make sure it doesn't affect things like lockpicking or robbing
  7. Peanuts

    I swear dude you are the luckiest person on the server. Either way when you profit from a bet somebody else is at loss and then will have to do a run. Also on S1 atleast you are the only person I ever see doing bets often. Maybe that is just when I'm on.
  8. Peanuts

    Only with people in your gang if even
  9. Peanuts

    Deal. I'll pm you when I get online.
  10. Peanuts

    Sorry my phone was bugging out How much Do I have to give you to get a garunteed deal cause I'm not on till around 7PST tonight
  11. Peanuts

    What about 1.75. These are meth houses Right? You should probably add in a map picture
  12. Peanuts

    Yeah, no need to cuss out the guy who made the thread.
  13. Peanuts

    7,213.535210 cause we all want to be ultra precise.
  14. Peanuts

    Yeah you should mention whether it is compounded daily or if the profit is based on the base input. Probably why people got so confused. Also kinda random but does anyone know how to change your forum name or is it just impossible to do so.
  15. Peanuts

    Only thing I like about it is crashing gambling parties and saving people from the addiction.

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