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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.


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  1. Peanuts

    the best part is nobody even killed him, cause he killed himself. I had this other really funny meme but I think it would give me a forum strike or something like that.
  2. Peanuts

    Bruh they can’t have fandoms running you over when you get picked up.
  3. Peanuts

    Teamspeak is better when you are actually playing with this large of a community. But I think discord has a plus in the sense that if you put notifications on there it is very easy to access whilst not at your computer. So if you use it for notifications, not sure what those app would intail, that would be great.
  4. Peanuts

    2014 cause I was a Minecraft god. Jk for me they are all pretty equal but it seems like people usually like the past more than the present.
  5. Peanuts

    I disable it so I don’t mess up when I’m tired and not thinking straight.
  6. Peanuts

    Europa Universalis 4 or Crusader Kings 2
  7. Wasn’t really a skilled moment, but when i crashed my heli and it landed inside of the power lines without even a rotor tap. The tail was just perfectly fit in there.
  8. Peanuts

  9. Peanuts

    Unfollow the post hurrican won so Xanx is just keeping the money
  10. Peanuts

    EPIC PLOT TWIST xanx is trolling and this was all fake. if this is true I am sorry for those of you who got dedicated
  11. Peanuts

    This is never gonna end I guess
  12. Peanuts

    Hi Going to sleep gamers I’ll check this when I wake up
  13. Peanuts

  14. Peanuts

    Let's start guessing when will this end, I think next Monday
  15. Peanuts

    And you thought I left

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