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  1. Peanuts

    I would be down with buying CSAT for money, but 30k is way too low, atleast 75k to match the approximate warpoint to cash exchange rate. There value is good right now, and an alternative via cash without using a middle man could be useful.
  2. Peanuts

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I have been playing for a year know and, if you don’t prioritize this any more than a game, you will be fine.
  3. Peanuts

    5k rook-3k scat=2k profit if you take and sell rook. Ill take as many as you can get
  4. Peanuts

  5. Peanuts

    I mean I already have it, it isn’t really a game to fight that much over.
  6. Peanuts

    It might seem weird, but I find doing runs fun sometimes, maybe most of the time. Ok, maybe always.
  7. Peanuts

    Only played with you a few times but when I saw you on I would always try to join your channel when I got on.
  8. Peanuts

    Big Facts man, couldn't agree more.
  9. Peanuts

    I like random inanimate object names likes rocks or something.
  10. Peanuts

    Just realized I'm actually a 6
  11. Peanuts

    5 is clearly the best, I can’t imagine doing 7 or 8
  12. Peanuts

    the best part is nobody even killed him, cause he killed himself. I had this other really funny meme but I think it would give me a forum strike or something like that.
  13. Peanuts

    Bruh they can’t have fandoms running you over when you get picked up.
  14. Peanuts

    Teamspeak is better when you are actually playing with this large of a community. But I think discord has a plus in the sense that if you put notifications on there it is very easy to access whilst not at your computer. So if you use it for notifications, not sure what those app would intail, that would be great.
  15. Peanuts

    2014 cause I was a Minecraft god. Jk for me they are all pretty equal but it seems like people usually like the past more than the present.

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