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  1. Are the Mk1 and type still up for sale I’ve been looking for a week to buy them.
  2. Been looking for awhile to buy these lmk if you have any willing to buy.
  3. Yes it is @-LYG- OldRed
  4. I have put about 37million into it, plus it a prime location so around 40 and up @CHEESE1
  5. https://gyazo.com/efc359953a6190b482499bd7e849f982 Pm offers looking to retire the gang shed its fully upgraded virtual and about half upgraded in the physical inventory.
  6. Got back into playing some Apex Legends. Enjoy the low elo rank Killtage @Firefly
  7. I was just curious because I have been downed and robbed multiple times in the past couple of days so I was just wondering if its worth it to report or not
  8. are the SDARS allowed to be used in their current state at the moment since the script is messed up to make them downing weapon.?
  9. Is there any reason why server 3 is down right now?
  10. that doesnt even make sense, do you hear what you are saying?
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