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  1. Sklavyboy Games

    Would you sell any of those asp-1’s?
  2. Sklavyboy Games

    How much for adr mags
  3. Sklavyboy Games

  4. Sklavyboy Games

    Haven’t even gotten a mar 10 yet
  5. Sklavyboy Games

  6. Sklavyboy Games

    WTB Mar 10 lethal with dms and Suppressor. PM me with offers
  7. Sklavyboy Games

    Yeah. I need a black level 5 vest and a sapd helmet to go with the uniform before I buy a gun for it
  8. Sklavyboy Games

    Sorry. Realized that the amount I would like to get for it is completely unreasonable and in my opinion it’s not worth selling
  9. Sklavyboy Games

    If that’s an offer on it I’ve decided I’m not selling it
  10. Sklavyboy Games

    Got an offer for 300k already so nah
  11. Forgot if the black senior apd helmet is a crew helmet or pilot helmet Pm me offers
  12. Sklavyboy Games

    No. I knew it wasn’t worth that. I’ve just seen you do some pretty retarded things.
  13. Sklavyboy Games

  14. Sklavyboy Games

  15. Sklavyboy Games

    Trying to figure out the value of a senior apd uniform I robbed off a kid in Kavala Make offers on it but I might not sell it depending on your offer

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