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  1. das crazy how did rapidax getting senior admin fix a massive amount of retards in staff


    1. Bloodmoon
    2. zoomzooooooom
    3. McDili


      This post gets a super like

  2. Anzus is a bunch of retards the only reason this works is because modded servers use TFR which means players are actively accessible while on the server the owner is a spastic
  3. I respect it brothacain you've held your first kiss for 23 years
  4. tbf olympus is shit on speed of compensation requests and such on servers like grandtheftarma I put compensation requests and they get accepted within 10 minutes if not 2 minutes olympus staff have some sort of ego around their rank since they hold the server at such a high value when really they're all replaceable and it's shown by how inefficient the current support system is
  5. vigi's on the bottom of the list freak
  6. Obviously not, you say you stay around to piss people off yet your the one going red on an online video game cause a random kid kills you? do something productive with your life freak
  7. stfu meathead you retired then forgot you needed to attention from your online administration rank to carry on living your sad depressing irl life :/
  8. congrats @rapidaax ill take a discount code for some spotify premium accounts 

    1. rapidaax


      I’ll let you know when my discord isn’t banned all the time but thanks 

    2. JuanDeaged


      Jimmy shut up we all know you have a iPod nano 5th gen you headass 

  9. yo fr why is a confirmed pedo still staff
  10. someone lmk why designers host better events than staff
  11.  jaster gaming nights!!

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