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  1. Forgot to add you can use dope on yourself
  2. Well I'm ahead of the cartel section so you are..
  3. Swervy's idea and Swervy's gone so.... Also How am I to know every single suggestion from civillians? message your civillian reps and get it suggested.. it's literally the point
  4. @SystemChips thanks for the easy win 200 hours past 2 weeks

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    2. Jimmy Jarvis

      Jimmy Jarvis

      How would I need you for clout 

    3. SystemChips


      I honestly knew you were going to respond instantly because I can tell you are the type of person that somehow gets an ego from jerking off, stalking olympus forums and playing arma 24 hours a day LUL. I stopped doing all that years ago mate have a good one

    4. Jimmy Jarvis

      Jimmy Jarvis

      hahaha it's 6 pm goofy I just got home 

  5. When is the CSGO tourney happening?

    1. Main


      If the poll has csgo in first place when it closes it will happen on saturday. The post will come up with all the info u need once the poll closes. 

  6. @Hiii haha global banned bitch

    1. JuanDeaged




    2. Zurph


      dude still sits on the forums everyday to.

  7. viper single handily making gang wars worth it smh...
  8. You're acting like the cartel economy is anywhere near the rest of the servers economy at all, please show me one dedicated cartel player on or near the most wealthy list
  9. this server is so dead someone fight

  10. it has the jimmy jarvis twist
  11. thanks for the credit asshole
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