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  1. noaIrving

    Seems like a good idea, I like the idea of rentable housing, maybe make it so a house(not owned) can be rented daily(like 1/10 of the cost of the house a day) but maybe make it an addition to the server instead of through players? If you rent a house, you could than flatmate with people and share keys. Maybe even make it so you can't spawn in them, but you get access to a house with 100% upgrades. On top of that, make it so you can put storage crates in them, but you gotta remove them before the house goes on market. IDK how well i explained myself, but it seems like a good idea for the newbies!
  2. I actually really enjoy driving now. My SUV barely flips now!
  3. noaIrving

    Vigilante, says i'm Tier 1, but actually Tier 0... #Don'tHatePls

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