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  1. cHROME.

    V2 v2 v2 v2!!!
  2. cHROME.

    Unban him Jesus, swallow your pride cmr. You guys unbann almost every ddsoer who has hurt olympus but wont unbann Jake when he didnt even Cheat on the server. Makes perfect sense just like your perm on xlax. You guys are doing such great work
  3. who is the rat that banned me

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. sped


      strawberry banana goo

    3. Best Player Okay
    4. Cale


      submit a ban appeal and check their youtube channel out

  4. cHROME.

    Nerd, you have to learn to multitask. I have a company. I work. I have a fiance and still able to play games But then, i am the mighty handsome cHROME See you tomorrow
  5. @ me when there is competition 

    Prime | handsome cHROME disconnected 

    1. nomadox


      Prime | handsome NOMADOX disconnected

  6. my name is nomadox and im drunk

    btw i cheat

  7. VR porn is not the same thing.. just putting it out there boys.

    1. Gluxdator


      Ok I took the bait, tell me more...

  8. cHROME.

    Asylum has longer days and shorter nights, so yeah its possible. The rain is annoying and make peoples fps drops, keep night but but make it shorter and remove rain.
  9. cHROME.

    get ocolus rift and hang out with me, i just mine this week, it's so much fun!! VRchat is amazing
  10. cHROME.

    Thank you our savior, all heil our Peter long!!
  11. FULL servers and not one gang fighting cartels... 

    1. Eggman


      Seems like you dont need cartel life to be a successful server :hmm:

    2. sped


      im sorry alskling

    3. DABESTeva


      6 hours ago, Eggman said:

      Seems like you dont need cartel life to be a successful server :hmm:

      yea if you want a role playing server xd 

  12. lets fight some


  13. happy new year! im in 2019 in sweden allready, so all you NA kids are talking to the future right here boys.

  14. does anybody know why my game tabs out everytime somebody msg me on steam?

    1. N7Zero


      have u tried putting game to window'd full-screen or full-screen?

      i have this shitty problem when i play BF5 and some nibba launches the game it tabs me out.

    2. cHROME.


      i play at fullscreen, never been a problem, started yesterday :/

    3. Elements.


      i play fullscreen windowed and it happens to me


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