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  1. You weigh 450lbs

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sped


      3 minutes ago, Drippp said:

      That’s funny coming from you, you fat fuck your fingers weigh 300 pounds each 

      have you seen the car he drives? im surprised it moves with him in it

    3. kilo.


      You don't even know what I drive lol

    4. sped


      say i wont say it you fucking wont

      thats what i thought pussy @kilo.

  2. i was here, smells like farts 

  3. cHROME.

    Hope they fix it soon so we can come back and play and have fun again
  4. cHROME.

    yepp it is.
  5. cHROME.

    i know right, like everyone has noticed it, can we please get some answers admins? if you are working on it or have any idea what the thing that cause this. @Peter Long @Grandma Gary @Ares
  6. cHROME.

    Haha i wont leave you älskling
  7. cHROME.

    I dont wanna upset you bb, but i Cant play with this lag.. and who is this Sandra you Talking about ?
  8. cHROME.

    I hope so to, Well Im gonna take a break untill its playable fighting like this isnt fun https://plays.tv/video/5c03333c8a9cb4c906/laggy every fight since the update has been like that for me. Laggy laggy laggy.
  9. cHROME.

    I see, but they have Done something to the server that has caused all the lagg that alot of people experience. @Peter Long Fix it!
  10. Hey guys! I have noticed that the servers has become laggy as hell around the time after the update. And its not only me. Like everyone in My gang has noticed it too. And prbly you guys to. Every1 is shotgunning, u dont hear shots and people die. this happens When u search for Olympus on gametracker now. Have you moved the servers or something @Peter Long? If so, Move it back.. u Said u wanna be better than asylum. Then u have to fix the lag because now its worse than asylum...
  11. Yall need to fix the lag since the last update

    1. Dante


      I played for hours today with no lag though. 

    2. communistjosh


      Its probably due to the build up of vehicles on cap thats causing your lag tbh. #QuilinsAreTheProblem:Kappa:

    3. cHROME.


      hm..started after the update tho, like everyone is shotgunning. people killing people without shots are being heard. And i thought it was me, but then everyone in my gang that are NA and EU started to see it to. So something is def wrong.

      every fight has been like this after the update

  12. From Swedish communitys, the fights there were like 400-1km fights all the time. So When i started here it was something new with og fights. But Im getting more in to How fights go on here, its alot different from Swedish communitys.
  13. happy birthday swede man

    1. cHROME.


      Tack så mycket :wub:

  14. cHROME.

    ''mom, look at me now, im famous!''
  15. I like that most of the clips are from your other montages... nvm i thought this was a new one

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