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  1. communistjosh

    Basically peter was trying to coup for head admin but couped a little too hard and took down the owner and head dev instead. Tragic story
  2. communistjosh

    Just don’t be bad
  3. communistjosh

    That’s only radicals but okay
  4. communistjosh

    I meant the post
  5. communistjosh

    This is dumb lol
  6. communistjosh

    100% the admin was laughing too much to stop you
  7. communistjosh

    Well one is like kind of sexual assault essentially and basically being a piece of property and the other is just like death which happens to everyone at one point or another. So yes a bit sensitive.
  8. communistjosh

    Ive wanted this implemented but I think its a little sensitive of a topic
  9. communistjosh

    Maybe OBS, not 100%
  10. I’ve never been more proud in my life @draMa congrats 

    1. draMa


      There we go


    2. Jamie
    3. communistjosh


      @Jamie I won’t be proud of you until you get senior admin ;)

  11. communistjosh

    I would post an icepick but im out of room in my attachments

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