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  1. communistjosh

    Housekitty and egnazio fucked my shit up. Housekitty told me to wait a week to reapply for a second test and then egnazio told me I only had to wait a day for my third one. BTW my first two tests I didnt read the handbook at all and tried winging it
  2. communistjosh

    I remember that event lmao. I got legged instead of dying like everyone else Note: how tf did you only get an hour ban after all that
  3. communistjosh

    You forgot George Bush sneaking in and taking your oil
  4. communistjosh

    Yet somehow you have managed it many times
  5. communistjosh

    Leaking test questions lol
  6. communistjosh

    I think I might’ve started watching this but not sure
  7. communistjosh

    Anyone have some like underrated movies that you don’t think get enough credit? Mine is “The Great Debaters”. I had never heard of it before my teacher had us watch it last year. Has Denzel Washington and is really good in my opinion.
  8. communistjosh

  9. communistjosh

    Pretty sure now you just admitted to cheating. Not that anyone really had a doubt in their mind anyways but still
  10. communistjosh

    Can we make it so that homicide has to write all server and handbook update posts on the forums? We wouldn't actually know what is being added so we would be really surprised when we get in game
  11. communistjosh

    Omg ur leaking APD test questions! Now we have to make a whole new test
  12. communistjosh

    @NokiaStrong Mostly what I figured, Just wasn’t really sure if you should RP or just tell them what they did and such. All the rest of what you said I know but I mean if they send a video of you sending them to jail for breaking a rule they would need like the full situation so you would probably be okay. I record everything anyways but just saying
  13. communistjosh

    Yeah I have to agree. Can a senior clarify the way you should tell someone this. Like after you read all the charges would it be something like “since you have been (rule quoting/broke a server rule) I will be sending you straight to jail with no chance to pay your ticket” or something else. I’ve just never done it because I’ve never really known how I should do it

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