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  1. 56cd9b8bfdb37e2382e7ad7ff3ba427b.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ooooooooo


      I’d have to see what it actually offers in the trees. But ya 56 is probably the move

    3. Hoonter
    4. Rafa22


      that turkey tree looking mighty fine tho. Love me some neo-ottoman empire roleplay 

  2. @Sho-Time Me and @Millennium would like to gift you with ownership of the USS Cum-Bucket. She’s a sturdy girl but small enough to slip through any tight hole. Good luck my fellow seaman

    1. Millennium


      The USS Cum-bucket has sank many ships. The crew are the best seamen you will ever see

    2. ooooooooo


      Not even a thank you from @Sho-Time

      dumb bitch

  3. If the Browns lose tonight, I think it’s beginning of the end for Baker Mayfield

  4. People are too scared to allow the opposing party to win so they won’t vote third party even if they prefer the third party candidate.
  5. Guys @Millennium let me barrow his Netflix account and Cuties was in his recently watched 

    1. Millennium
    2. ooooooooo


      Oh my bad it was your brothers account

    3. Billeh


      No it’s not there because he finished it 

  6. Hatchbacks, you dont even know how to register to vote
  7. Why do I see British people voting?
  8. tenor.gif

    How bout dem bengals?

  9. 62562170f57256aa1cd7b252f774bc0d.png

    Here's another one for the daily meme collection @Grandma Gary

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    2. SPBojo


      You know R&R is cool and chill when we aint even mentioned in stuff like this 😎

    3. Monks


      @SPBojo what is R&R?

    4. ooooooooo
  10. Me when I finally find the CEO of Racism


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