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  1. Correct its now in the handbook Chapter 3 section 9 9. All Medic units (Meaning BOTH ground and aerial units) are prohibited to enter/participate at ALL conquest or airdrop events. If you are in the area of a conquest or airdrop event when it starts, leave the area IMMEDIATELY.
  2. So from what I understand warning shots against ground units are invalid, I would imagine having a shot placed at your feet is considered 'being shot at' so you would have a one-way engagement where the person who was shot at is engaged the guy who shot isn't. I would even think that purposefully shooting near someone and saying it's not engagement, so they RDM'ed me is probably RDM baiting or rule skirting. I'm not necessarily saying that is the case here, but it's getting close. At the end of the day tho, the community opinion hardly matters. This kind of thing is really up to a mod/admin, so if they want an answer, ask one of them or submit a report and see what happens. I think clarifying the rules possibly stating an opinion and telling someone exactly that ^ is kinda all anyone can do as a non mod.
  3. https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/MSE-3_Marid
  4. I'm with lime, we knew this day was coming but it felt forever away, unfortunately for us it is here now and I am at a loss for words. You where an excellent Sr R&R member, a fantastic medic, absolutely wonderful to play with, and I am so grateful to have gotten to know you and to have become friends. I hope your life is long and wondrous, and that one day our paths can cross again somewhere. o7 @PJ.
  5. NLR will apply if someone gives you an order, and as a result of not following that order, you are killed, the same as before. If someone says don't revive Joe or die, and a medic revives Joe, and the medic is killed, NLR applies, the medic can't go back because he was killed legally. Being accidentally killed is very vague in this instance, and so it's situational. Was he killed accidentally in a head-on collision with a civ? Yes, NLR applies. Punishment can occur if a medic goes back. Killed accidentally, and it can be considered RDM? No NLR will not apply. No punishment for going back. It is difficult to list out all the ways you can be accidentally killed, if there are any specific questions about specific scenarios, please talk to mods/admins about what classifies as RDM, VMD, or an Arma bug and what will not, you can also come to speak with Sr.R&R, and we will do our best to assist you. This confusion around the word 'accidental' is ultimately why we decided to remove the word and consolidate all NLR to the one chapter. I am not sure what part is contradicting itself; the red part is removed because the verbiage "accidentally killed" was being used to expand the exemptions of NLR. The 'accidental' contradicted chapter 14 where it is explicitly stated that NLR exempt scenarios are RDM, VDM, and Arma bug, that is why the section with 'accidental' was removed, its an effort to reduce confusion and contradiction. Ultimately the whole chapter boils down to NLR applies in all situations except the explicitly stated exemptions RDM, VDM, and Arma bug. If it's not one of those three things NLR applies, the handbook update was to try and clarify that.
  6. TLDR: We added Fire Fighter uniforms and hopefully clarified when a medic can exempt from NLR. The exemptions are still precisely the same: RDM, VDM, Arma Bug, no NLR. Everything else NLR applies. Chapter 3: A section was removed because it discussed NLR outside of the NLR chapter. We felt it was confusing to have multiple places where NLR was discussed and decided to consolidate into the NLR chapter. Chapter 4: The new CBRN Fire Fighter uniform was added as a uniform medics can use, and the appropriate way to use it. Chapter 14: 1.1.2 was updated to be a little easier to read and to include 1.1.4. We took two rules and made them one because realistically, they are the same thing. 1.1.4 was removed because it is now covered by 1.1.2. see above. 1.1.5 States that if you know an engagement is occurring and you are killed in the crossfire, or your car blows up from a known speed bomb, NLR is valid. There have been issues with Medics saying Crossfire is RDM and so they can go back, or that speed bombs are an NLR exempt situation. Essentially if a medic stands in-front of people shooting at each other, it's their fault they died. This one is probably the most confusing. If anyone has questions feel free to message me and I will do my best to clarify, It might also help to talk to a moderator or admin if someone has specific questions about what is and isn't RDM. VDM, or an Arma bug. 1.2 Is updated to explain that medics are not required to exempt from NLR and that exempting from NLR should only be done if the medic died from RDM, VDM, or an Arma bug. Exempting for another reason is probably failed NLR, and can result in administrative action, so exempting is risky if you get it wrong. Again this has always been the case, but hopefully, the new verbiage helps stress the importance of NLR. 1.2.3 We added that intentionally causing an Arma bug, like super jumping to die and redeploy, will not exempt a medic from NLR. The exemption is there for unforeseen bugs, not a way to get around NLR, and the redeploy system.
  7. From the medic perspective we are not allowed to deny you for no reason. With that being said there are hundreds of reasons you could have been denied by 3rd party, perhaps the APD denied service to that area, maybe the medic died there recently and so all medics are avoiding the area because of the possible threat / NLR, the guy might have sent a text to the R&R, the medic really has no way to know if it's clear or not unless someone tells them, or it might have been that all medics where hostage at the time so they are sending denials so that people don't wait on a medic that isn't coming, It could have been a miss click or a wrong name, I could go on. The only way to know for sure is to ask the medic that issued the denial. on denying everyone on the map A player needs to specify who they are denying and who is enforcing the threat, I wouldn't consider everyone on the map a valid denial. One could try and say I am denying this list of people I don't like but the denial is only valid for so long and if that person isn't near them and can't prove they are a valid threat most medics aren't going to listen.
  8. I am opposed to it because people hitting Request medic then respawning constantly, or flying to a revive only for that person to nope out at the last second would be annoying. If the issue is people accidentally hitting the request medic button why not add a confirmation to the request medic button? Also I don't understand what you mean by if the function was removed, again not following why the current denial system is at fault for people accidentally hitting the button. If we go back to the old way and you accidentally hit the button your SOL, there is no way to ask for a denial.
  9. So in the past you couldn't request denial. If you hit request medic you had to wait for a medic to come by or have a gang mate text in. now there is a wonderful way to request denial, and we are upset because it doesn't happen 100% of the time, and the suggestion is go back to the old system where there is not a way to request a denial? not fully following the logic. At that point why have the denial system at all? just allow people to respawn whenever they want. not a big fan of that idea. Should we instead have a box pop up that asks you to confirm your revive request so it is never an accident? Not a bad idea, I would wonder how this is going to affect medic redeploy. I would hate for someone to respawn when we are just a scroll wheel away. Could the system reduce your respawn timer by like half or something instead of just allowing you to straight respawn?
  10. Sorry, I meant just put the battery back not like get a new one.
  11. I would suggest taking your CMOS battery out, turning the computer on for 30 seconds then turning it off and replacing the CMOS.
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