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  1. From the medic perspective we are not allowed to deny you for no reason. With that being said there are hundreds of reasons you could have been denied by 3rd party, perhaps the APD denied service to that area, maybe the medic died there recently and so all medics are avoiding the area because of the possible threat / NLR, the guy might have sent a text to the R&R, the medic really has no way to know if it's clear or not unless someone tells them, or it might have been that all medics where hostage at the time so they are sending denials so that people don't wait on a medic that isn't coming, It could have been a miss click or a wrong name, I could go on. The only way to know for sure is to ask the medic that issued the denial. on denying everyone on the map A player needs to specify who they are denying and who is enforcing the threat, I wouldn't consider everyone on the map a valid denial. One could try and say I am denying this list of people I don't like but the denial is only valid for so long and if that person isn't near them and can't prove they are a valid threat most medics aren't going to listen.
  2. I am opposed to it because people hitting Request medic then respawning constantly, or flying to a revive only for that person to nope out at the last second would be annoying. If the issue is people accidentally hitting the request medic button why not add a confirmation to the request medic button? Also I don't understand what you mean by if the function was removed, again not following why the current denial system is at fault for people accidentally hitting the button. If we go back to the old way and you accidentally hit the button your SOL, there is no way to ask for a denial.
  3. So in the past you couldn't request denial. If you hit request medic you had to wait for a medic to come by or have a gang mate text in. now there is a wonderful way to request denial, and we are upset because it doesn't happen 100% of the time, and the suggestion is go back to the old system where there is not a way to request a denial? not fully following the logic. At that point why have the denial system at all? just allow people to respawn whenever they want. not a big fan of that idea. Should we instead have a box pop up that asks you to confirm your revive request so it is never an accident? Not a bad idea, I would wonder how this is going to affect medic redeploy. I would hate for someone to respawn when we are just a scroll wheel away. Could the system reduce your respawn timer by like half or something instead of just allowing you to straight respawn?
  4. Sorry, I meant just put the battery back not like get a new one.
  5. I would suggest taking your CMOS battery out, turning the computer on for 30 seconds then turning it off and replacing the CMOS.
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