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  1. hey guys im a really cool dude lookin for ppl to hang with! if you see me in game hmu we can do runs and stuff i got my own gang if u want to join. i have some great connects to do some banks / cartels if u ever want to give it a try im sure we can find a spot for u! i love olympus and look forward to hearing from you guys in the future!
  2. hey man im glad u see the humor in it

    its all just fun in games most people dont see it that way...

    thanks, yours truly

    rapidkillz, the leader of the most dangerous gang that ever walked the lands of olympus

  3. leader of deathslugs. the godslug himself. rapidkillz
  4. how is it even possible to have -1000 com rep

    1. monsterr


      shit post a l o t 

    2. [Slug] RapidKillz

      [Slug] RapidKillz

      understanding how to improve olympus.. increase cop roleplay mostly.


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