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  1. just make an offer for what u want
  2. sure lemme get the screenshot up
  3. RPG-1 adr 7.62 sup Message me on forums with offer
  4. it was sold and i wasnt talking about farming war points with it. but i had to think of cost management. As in do i have the funds to keep buying the mags for it. and i didnt. so i decided it was easier to sell it. i made more than i bought it for so its still a win
  5. tht wouldnt change the fact that i dont have the warpoints needed to make the gun worth it. lmfao
  6. tbh, i tried it and i like it its a decent rifle but i cant farm the warpoints needed to make the gun worth it.
  7. message me on forums or in teamspeak with offers screenshot of house with the mar-10
  8. what i am saying is that when i find some one who has one for the cheapest i can make the money easily. the reason im broke is because i keep buying random stuff like that lol
  9. just because i dont have cash on hand doesnt mean i cant make it lmfao, i can make 4mil pretty quick soo..
  10. WTB DMS and a MAr-10 lethal or tazer message here or comment
  11. Im not saying you have to kiss ass, i am vocalizing something alot of the lower apd feel. And Sinfull you are correct thats how it SHOULD work, but very few feel thats how it DOES work. As you have seen on this post there are others that feel that you must kiss ass to gain rank. It should never feel that way. At all times it should feel that hard work pays off. Not ass kissing and that is my point.
  12. @codeYeTi No the specific scenario i want to tell you about. I am at least tactful enough to know and understand when it comes to talking about certain issues one on one would be better than a forum, it is something im going to bring up to staff. But Ive been in several teamspeaks with people and they all have said the only way to move forward in the apd at least is to kiss ass. My point with this post was to let everyone get a chance to get their thoughts out. Also to let SRapd and SRr&r members see how the community thinks about how they need to act and what they need to do to move up. I personally think its a bad idea to just kiss ass. If you cannot move up on your own merit then there is no point in moving up. So i think if this post gets enough response and everyone is honest about how they feel. Then maybe it can be worked at to change things so that even without ass kissing everyone can have a fair shot at moving up. I know most of the JR apd and R&R community feel that they need to kiss ass to gain rank. And once they gain rank they feel that they need to follow suit and let people kiss ass. I may be wrong about that and if i am this post will show me that.
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