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  1. are that brain dead lol? db scammed you a ghost hawk kid crying about it for weeks holy shit you really are slow or just lie so much forget the truth?
  2. okay kid lie some more little reject why you got scammed a hawk
  3. evan i would but no one knows you irl or the game goofy @Panda :) keep praying pussy daum monster so you aint steal ur dad card and buy bunch arma shit with it and got caught it had charge it all back or is that out my ass too
  4. ok monster keep stealing from ur mom and dad kid and @Panda :) what beach cause i actually own a beach house wbu? probably dont even got a passport broke bitch @Panda :)
  5. @m o n s t e r did you not drop out to play arma lol? @Panda :) funny what you kids were saying two years ago but still shitting on you
  6. @m o n s t e r ur dad disowned you kid ur little thief that steals from his fam and then had to chargeback on half server ur a joke bitch @Panda :) cause you are all cap kid think you know me cause some plague rejects told you a couple things lol @Panda :) do you even own a house? let alone how to buy one mr 200k
  7. lets hop on vid @Panda :) compare cash and bank accounts big guy? and see who made more in stocks sense you are so fucking smart
  8. @m o n s t e r go steal from ur dad some more kid @Panda :) you have never seen 200k in ur life
  9. you are admin talking about 100 bucks is pouring cash in server fuck you talking about poor ass bitch
  10. am i lien? @Panda :) thats funny cause iv made 15k in last month in stocks daum you are retarded and poor
  11. @m o n s t e r oh buddy you really want pipe up you little 30 pound scamming retard go steal ur dads credit card again and charge back on half server little faggot you have been kicked from every gang no one likes you @Panda :) get you're money up poor kid sitting on a game arguing when ur broke how my nuts taste bitch
  12. @billdroid you over 1k hours on cop on a arma server this is you're fav game kid you would kill you're self if you got banned @Panda :) ya what i thought poor kid people like me? what people that got money and torture you on ur fav game you mad kid? and @Revise are you always a bitch or just on here?
  13. @Panda :) 100 dollar donation is pouring money into server? we know it could never be you cause you are poor af could never throw 100 away let alone spend 100 poor little bitch you just suck dick on the server lol simp
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