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  1. 9mm

    That's a phatty
  2. 9mm

    Excuse you
  3. 9mm

    You definitely got balls that's for sure
  4. 9mm

    SoMeOnE cAlL ThE CoPs ThIs GuYs CrAzYy
  5. 9mm

    "Sir whys there a wire coming out of your vest? Sir, si' put your hands up or be tazed by the APD"
  6. 9mm

    My brain hurts reading this post
  7. 9mm

    I mean if you want a few recommendations, then here you go : Intel I7 8700k - 7700k Intel I5 8400 - 7400 There's a few, there's some more if you do your research.
  8. 9mm

    Whats wrong my dude
  9. 9mm

    My Personal Opinion on specs for ArmA Intel CPU (Gaming one recommended) GTX 1050 or upwards 8gb of RAM or higher HDD & SSD (Arma on SSD) Should be Guccii with these specs
  10. 9mm

    Still confused on how I move Windows over to my SSD from my HDD and yeah I put Arma on the SSD and teamspeak, works super well I just need windows on there aswell and im set. Can someone tell me how I move windows 10 from my HDD to the SSD, I tried using that program to clone but I couldn't work it so Is there a way to move windows 10 over with no hassle?
  11. 9mm

    So what do you advise I keep on the SSD and what to keep off?

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