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  1. CougerHater


    @rabid I think it’s time for you to do a 1v1 against @ZAZA now
  2. the amount of people that have been permed is half the player base now
  3. @Millennium rabid got demoted to corp and goat is up to ryan so i mean to us its a win homie
  4. @Millennium we won homie don't worry about it
  5. ok then lets take it up to the owner i want his opinion on this
  6. I love this hater always going to hate love feeling the power
  7. Zeuse if you have a problem dumbass do something about it
  8. I was on cop kid I never spoke with you because your a kid that is annoying and fat
  9. Stop trying to fight back double chin looking motherfucker
  10. Dude your 12 and your a cop last time I was in chat with you you were crying saying stop guys I don’t want to get in trouble what a fag stop crying loser
  11. Monks your a nobody the reasons people know you is because you suck so much dick that you got your rank please stop before I bitch slap your mom and tell her your being mean to your mom little boy try to step up to me I will smack you and make you my bitch little bitch
  12. How am I a noob if I joined since 2018 ok fag stop sucking dick loser fucking 12 year old lol
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