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  1. Zeb


    o7 end of an era
  2. how did you get it cannot find it at all
  3. Thanks just finnished building it soon ill get a 3070
  4. Im only really going to be using this new PC for gaming I dont want to upgrade again tho anytime soon but I also Want to have some money for a gpu upgrade in the very near future ; however due to the lack of stock of the RTX 3000s I am forced to use my current GPU (GTX970) for the time being until the stock returns back to normal. You people are ultimate gamers and know whats up So what should I do here?
  5. What are some good movies/ shows to watch Im very bored now
  6. Steam sale is out any good games you guys think is worth buying?
  7. Zeb

    Turkey or Ham?

    Its weird that you don't have it all.
  8. Turkey is only acceptable for Thanksgiving. Ham > Turkey
  9. No matter what you will be judged
  10. Happy Birthday my guy
  11. Zeb


    Now you can be the one to steal kidneys
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