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  1. McDili

  2. McDili

    Shut up virgin
  3. McDili

    If @Fat Clemenza will be Chief, I will play this a lot.
  4. Somebody call the police to my man Plumber's house bro

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    2. Ryan


      He’s busy dealing with all the n-

    3. rapidaax


      3 hours ago, Ryan said:

      He’s busy dealing with all the n-

      whoa buddy thats not very senior admin of you my *nigga*

    4. Ryan


      Lol stupid kid @rapidaax get baited removed now 

  5. McDili

    pick one Actually I agree I shouldn't have removed him, could have handled that a lot better. As for the rest of the post...
  6. McDili

    Whatever fag
  7. McDili

    How dare you not tag me you fuckin browno Also @Proud nobody gives a shit about your dumbass opinion, fag
  8. McDili

    BIG GAY!!!!!!!! o7
  9. To expand on this, I would have absolutely given it to Jesse had I known he was interested in it. The mindset was "When Jesse leaves, I lose arguably the best Altis Life developer in the altis life community" and I didn't want to deal with anything less, in addition to that I really wanted to go play games more with Jesse as we didn't spend a lot of time doing that while running Olympus. Interestingly enough, when we left, Jesse and I pretty much split and went our own way (Mostly me going to play BDO) I never anticipated that he wanted to be the owner. I assumed when he would quit that he wanted nothing to do with Altis life in general anymore, when we talked about quitting we were discussing how aspects of our life were neglected and so on. The decision to give it to Peter Long was not made because I thought he would be better than Jesse nor was it based on our friendship, he just seemed the best candidate with the assumption that Jesse and Myself were not in the pool. I wish Jesse had asked about it at the time, him being Owner and me being Head Admin or something would have been much more manageable for both of us I think and we probably wouldn't have quit.
  10. McDili

    I wish Peter bought me out honestly
  11. McDili

    this is HUGE BIG +1
  12. McDili

    Hey thanks.
  13. Don't try and use the whole my inbox is full bullshit. I hope you choke to death. 




    I love you still

  14. McDili

  15. @Ares or any staff that can help. My inbox is no longer infinite and it won’t let me send messages until I delete some. I have thousands of messages, if you could make my message capacity infinite again I would appreciate it. 

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    2. iPopsicle



      What's your score bro?

    3. Outcast


      21 minutes ago, iPopsicle said:


      What's your score bro?

      I was at 3900% when I left admin lul.

    4. Ryan


      2 hours ago, Able said:

      I was at 3900% when I left admin lul.

      That’s cause your bad at gang beasts


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