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  1. open ur eyes might be able to do your e job properly 500k and a taser to seize... instead you sat with virgins in square for 10 minutes doing fuck all a video?
  2. Under general there's a section where it should say 100% usually that's the one that makes it blurry too if you have it lower than the normal 100% setting.
  3. If I only I had two more lads with me, would have tased his ass. Yoink, my gear now.
  4. I'd expect to be shot going near it any faction that I'm apart of it. Personally treat it like a red zone. Same with Pharma.
  5. People don't bother valuing their lives, just shoot them if they don't comply.
  6. I don't know many on the server, the post is here for my mate he wants me to haggle for him and wants a middle man and all that... we don't know many people anymore on here. I'll let him know you offered this... here's the UID: 76561198206484017 as you can see he does have it, he had me finding prices.
  7. What's the average retail price of a AT-Offroad?
  8. change display name 4head
  9. Medal TV never worked for me, use Bandicam lmao.
  10. You're onto something but why not just use a Huron as a battle bus?

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