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  1. Papi Pods

    offer still stands
  2. Papi Pods

    Viper 5'6 170lbs, well fed Italian, bottomless bank account, stunning plane skills *needs a gofundme*
  3. Papi Pods

    o7 man I liked the work you did as a designer and I enjoyed playing with you in BW.
  4. That was probably the best episode of Game of Thrones

  5. Papi Pods

    I can middle man if you want
  6. Papi Pods

    gas station robber
  7. Papi Pods

    are you even allowed sell this since you won it?
  8. Papi Pods

    You are gonna need to rob some more gas stations to buy any suppressors.
  9. Papi Pods

    I like having my vigi for when fat asses piss me off I can piss them off
  10. Papi Pods

    can't beat them join them when it comes to this I think
  11. Papi Pods

    Buddy it is literally in the arma settings you aren't gonna stop people from using it.
  12. Papi Pods

    yea i'm gonna be driving down there
  13. Papi Pods

    Idk New Zealand had some pretty good action
  14. Papi Pods

    I’m not saying that leaving was right, but I’m playing devils advocate.
  15. Papi Pods

    I like having the mission file only have weapons that are allowed because we lost a round because 1 person had an asp. I don't know if I like the 5m thing because then more gangs will join just for the free 5m and this would also lengthen the time the whole event lasts. When it comes to @Drama you have to put yourself in his shoes, he and everyone else helping with the event are having to sit there too. He doesn't get to play and he was kind enough to put on the event for everyone else knowing he is receiving nothing in return except hate. Sure there were some things that could have gone better like have the mission file set up and ready to go as well as the stream, but it is the first gang wars that Drama and @Kyle Lake hosted and we should expect some issues and accept that.

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