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  1. I am now accepting donations to reinstate the mar-10 god to his former glory. Need a Dms mar-10 and supp

  2. I am actually God

  3. Who is trying to play some DayZ hmu

  4. o7 @LukeTheSup unfortunate it had to end that way...

  5. Papi Pods

    offer still stands
  6. Papi Pods

    Viper 5'6 170lbs, well fed Italian, bottomless bank account, stunning plane skills *needs a gofundme*
  7. Papi Pods

    o7 man I liked the work you did as a designer and I enjoyed playing with you in BW.
  8. That was probably the best episode of Game of Thrones

  9. Papi Pods

    I can middle man if you want
  10. Papi Pods

    gas station robber
  11. Papi Pods

    are you even allowed sell this since you won it?
  12. Papi Pods

    You are gonna need to rob some more gas stations to buy any suppressors.
  13. Papi Pods

    I like having my vigi for when fat asses piss me off I can piss them off
  14. Papi Pods

    can't beat them join them when it comes to this I think

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