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  1. what fucking keyboard do i get

  2. Brennan

    rip my nigga
  3. Brennan

    That would be awesome. I didn't watch the video just read where Deadpool wrote "denied"
  4. Brennan

    Fuck the garage spam thing, the only thing that needs to be fixed with it is when I go to pull a vehicle and there is already something on the spawn that someone is moving off and it doesn't spawn then I get the spam thing. It is so fucked it always fucks everyone fuck. Me and everyone I play with always complain about, and none of these people "spam" their garage. Although I understand there, It's actually fucking cancer. I have alt-F4'd and played something else because I would rather do that then sit there like a idiot for 20 seconds waiting for my garage to fucking work. I have never once exited the garage just because shit won't load, I always wait if I need to (it's usually instant anyway.) I always get the spam for getting trying to spawn something and it not working. Something needs to be changed or exceptions need to be added. PLEASE. @[email protected]
  5. that is literally an exploit what you saying.
  6. Brennan

  7. Brennan

  8. Brennan

    This is a thing already.
  9. nah I'm good.

  10. Brennan

    venmo, wire transfer, bitcoin, apple pay
  11. Brennan

  12. Very few people that are actually good at the game are willing to put in the time that it takes to get Corp or higher without being friends with Sr. APD.
  13. Brennan

    That's perfect, thanks.

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