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  1. Never even say my name again. I will hunt you down and crush you every second of the day if you EVER fucking cross me again kid.
  2. Screws will hold the IO panel to the case and there should be a small lever you push down on the slot where the card connects to the motherboard. Google a youtube video if you can't figure it out from that.
  3. shit happens kid. deal with it.
  4. tbh, abort if you are going to be AFK for longer than a minute.
  5. Either Server 3 just necked it self or @Jesse deleted it finally.

    1. Jesse


      Needed to update it... Hit the button to close the executable... Was only 4 minutes in.

  6. Get cops off cartels

    1. Proud


      Ask Dominick kindly.

    2. Edge


      Haha Stfu They got sgt so they deserve to fuck you on cartels. Don't like it leave Bye. :):D

  7. y i k e s
  8. Why are cops repeatedly raiding cartels when 4 people are trying to fight.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DeadPool
    3. Buffalo Bill

      Buffalo Bill


    4. Dante


      Have you tried saying please?

  9. I can go to kavala with 3 rooks and zip to get this shit for free
  10. I'm fucking done if I get a text while fighting cartels saying "APD hands up or be fired upon by the armed plane"
  11. restrict please
  12. Really awesome work, the only thing I ask is that please make the iframe something around 2000px in height so you don't have nested scrolling. On player ID page it 3 different scrolls, between the Olympus page, the stats page, and the vehicle list.
  13. Can the banner stop following me down the page on Dispersion 4.2?

    1. Brennan


      and where did my profile pic


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