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  1. Oof... Coffee with that mod. Oh no!

  2. PopPop

    Thermal NVGs for Medic rank Coordinator+ Let me guess... @Kyle Lake wanted that in
  3. PopPop

    +1, that is why I stay out of kav.. Impossible to process sometimes.
  4. PopPop

    10/10 for those AK's Happy Birthday Hadi
  5. PopPop

    He would require suicide vests at all time (Soz hadi)
  6. PopPop

    You forgot to tell me my charges. REPORTED
  7. PopPop

    It's not that hard to warning shot without hitting them
  8. PopPop

    As long as you didn't hit the heli and all he did was hover instead of leave, then you're fine to shoot him out of the sky. This is reinforced by the rule here - If a person does not fly away after given warning shots, you may then open fire on them.
  9. PopPop

    That's until they migrate to warzone
  10. PopPop

    Ghosthawks are not so big with they get hit with a titan >:).
  11. PopPop

    So does that mean if the highest rank is a PO, BOOOM SDARs ?
  12. PopPop

    Until @Mako snipes you
  13. PopPop

    What kind of gun is it?
  14. PopPop

    I hope you know these mags costs 1 war point and each warpoint is worth like 15k, sounds like a ripoff to me

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