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  1. https://gyazo.com/55dbdf159ce09e33efba82926fd64077 PM offers
  2. popto

    Fuck Ivy

    I Never told you to kill yourself woman shut up. Go get your simp army to downvote more shit.
  3. popto

    Fuck Ivy

    All the Homies hate -S- Ivy on god @Mudiwa @citglo @Griz @Brandyn Barker
  4. Wow Mr. Money Man Mudiwa this is a great business and I will love watching it grow over time
  5. aight fuck it lol what server?
  6. popto

    Selling stuff

    what did he do lmao
  7. popto

    Selling stuff

    offer don't lowball
  8. popto

    Selling stuff

    https://gyazo.com/9a602e4d6dc7613a031d1755d7e61db6 hit me with offers 7.62 suppressor current offer is 3.3mil
  9. Aight so I spent all my warpoints and can never find enemy gang so who wanna sell me some warpoints for the low.
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