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  1. Want friendly? Go modded. I can't mention which specific server cuz I'll just get a warning point, but go on battlemetrics and look for the top 10 arma 3 servers. I'm sure you'll find one with a good playerbase. Vanilla has become a cesspool of retards that came from gmod. Wouldn't bother starting from scratch.
  2. Tobubas


    @ DeadPool change the bracket
  3. We all know map devs aren't devs Devs are the people that did this to my sheets. Fuck you btw.
  4. I've always found TS, especially it's perms, superior in every way to Discord. Discord is much better for casual use though.
  5. I, for once, agree with this retard. Let Tree die like BW and MC did. Heck, I remember getting executed by Tree back in like 2016. I was like 13 at the time. At this point in Arma, it's out of touch RP'ing anything tbh.
  6. Dont buy. I heard he spawns in gear. Dirty cheater.
  7. Tobubas


    He's already grinding on some FiveM. He'll be back in a month or two...
  8. u aint changing ur name or gang to avoid the shitty rep
  9. this is his steamID 76561198349301060
  10. idk. To me it feels like staff has gotten too disconnected from what its like playing as a civ...
  11. Made plane deliveries give you less than 2m an hour The plane deliveries required you to use most of your brain and attention, instead of sitting half AFK gathering and processing like regular runs. Now plane deliveries are hardly worth the pain.

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