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  1. >me moving the civ hawk to fly it
  2. Mr GOAT


    I’ve let the past go, I understand when I’m wrong. You held very similar opinions and always had original thought, something I’m appreciative of. Hate to see ya go my man, @Outcast
  3. Mr GOAT


    Great human being. Amazing Dep Chief, wayyyy better than me at logs. Can’t ask for much better. Definitely gonna miss ya, @SecTranLive. Spot is always there for ya. o7
  4. PAT MAHOMES JUST SECURED THE DAMN BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Overlord


      450 million fucking bags 

    3. Ryan


      Imagine getting guaranteed half a billion dollars

    4. ooooooooo


      @Ryan I mean isnt that basically your inheritance

  5. 🙏🙏🙏 thoughts and prayers up for my boy @Hurricane 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Correct, even if you get backup.
  7. Chapter II - Use of Force Your First Weapon Your first weapon is always your voice. Always attempt to defuse a situation without firing a shot. If the situation calls for it, you may restrain a suspect or civilian if given prior warning. Non-Lethal Force Tasers may be used on a suspect who is armed, evading, or resisting arrest. Lethal Force Lethal force is authorized only when non-lethal force has failed or is inadequate to resolve the situation. Lethals are authorized temporarily: In Warzone, Cartels, and any Rebel Outpost. (This includes if/when the engagement moves out of the red zone) If there is 5 or less minutes of a server restart. POs may be authorized to use lethal force by a Senior APD member during "Any Means Necessary." Tasers are inadequate to resolve the situation. If the suspect is on a roof that has no way to access or is only accessible by ladder. If fired upon without previous engagement, you may return fire with extreme care for the life and property of the APD. If the suspect is in a armed vehicle's gunner seat. Lethals are authorized for the entire situation: After 2 failed non-lethal attempts by an individual officer. If you have loaded lethals during a situation against a single group and another group joins that situation, lethals are still authorized against all opposing forces. If an officer is taken hostage or tased during an active engagement. Officers who have been neutralized by a ratio of 3:1 are considered hostages. Lethals may continue to be used after the officer has been rescued. When officers are outnumbered by a ratio of 3:1 (until death). Lethal force remains active regardless of server restart If lethals were loaded solely due to server restart happening in 5 minutes, then lethals must be unloaded after the restart. If the Ghosthawk is guns-hot in the situation. Chapter VIII - Searches and Seizures Searching in Combat Search and seizure of equipment or vehicles shouldn’t occur when you are being fired upon. You must wait until the situation is called clear or ‘not a factor’ by the highest ranking officer Example - Armed Plane that has clear intent to stall searching/seizure of equipment/vehicles. Obviously if people are dying or taking damage due to said plane, it is clearly deemed a factor. Conducting Searches Probable cause is needed to search for illegal items. Always announce to the person/vehicle what you are doing and why. EXCEPTION: Any gang member that is involved in a situation where a gang vehicle is present CAN provide probable cause to search, given they are wanted or present a form of probable cause (example: illegal weapon, evading arrest, driving illegal vehicle, etc). Checking of Licenses Only search licenses if you have probable cause or the suspect has committed a crime. Seizure of Weapons Illegal items(including Blackwater items) should be seized when the opportunity presents itself (preferably before transport). Please refer to the Ticket Guide for examples of probable cause. Seizure of Vehicles Illegal vehicles should be seized at the end of the situation after getting the order from the highest ranking APD officer at the situation. Civilian vehicles left at Federal Events/Banks will be seized. Vehicles containing $350,000 or more of the following can be seized: Illegal items (Market value) Weapons (Market value) Drugs Contraband (Market value) Vandalized APD Hatchbacks are subject to seizure. Seizure of Money Any person(s) who is seen involved with a robbery of any kind, inside an illegal area, charged with conducting a federal reserve robbery, or interacting with a vehicle that falls into these categories may have any cash seized upon their search. Warrants Raid Warrant House/gang shed raids are authorized when: A suspect has taken refuge or is shooting out of a locked house/gang shed. APD must enter to rescue a hostage. POs+ can issue raid warrants and must only enter the premises to capture a criminal. The officer issuing the warrant must announce that they will be raiding. Search Warrants Search warrants allow Sergeants+ to enter the premises to capture suspects and/or contraband. The raid must be announced and must be exercised within 45 minutes of the situation being deemed clear. Search warrants can only be executed 5 minutes after notifying the owner or keyholder, unless the suspect is in custody. House/gang shed searches are authorized when: An APD member has a form of probable cause (bounty, illegal weapon, etc.) and witnesses a civilian interacting with, shooting out of, or taking refuge in a house/gang shed in any form. The Sergeant+ has discretion on whether or not to conduct a search. Chapter XIII - APD Equipment & Ground Vehicles APD Tools Flashbangs/Throwables are to be used only in tactical situations following proper engagement. Spike strips may be used on vehicles you are engaged with. Ensure any placed spike strips are packed backup. The SDAR may be used without SGT approval if a suspect is in the water, or they are in an inaccessible area (unreachable roofs). Suspect must be notified prior to firing upon. Otherwise, Sergeants must approve. Do not carry one in a backpack unless conducting a boat patrol. Exception: Sergeants+ may carry an SDAR in their backpack. Do not use gear not available to your rank in the APD Weapon, Clothing or Item shops. Do not use vehicles not available at your rank unless authorized by an officer with access to that vehicle Bait Appliances may only be used on vehicles owned by an APD member. If informed a civilian is still wearing a blindfold remove it and restart processing from the beginning. Civilians will only be pardoned for being blindfolded if they inform the officer they are blindfolded and the officer chooses to ignore them. Vehicles Police vehicles must be secured or impounded, and are not to be left out Do not impound a vehicle before the situation is clear. Armed Jeep Patrol - Armed Jeep patrols are conducted by Corporals and higher. These patrols are utilized for a heavy APD response to large gang actions or high risk rebel activity. (Generally don't use for patrol against low risk interaction) Armed Jeeps will follow ghosthawk engagement rules. May be used on illegal vehicles, aerial vehicles or vehicles containing a high value target (HVT). Must be sent a text to land or park and given 5 seconds to comply. May mirror the "guns hot" status of armed planes and ghosthawks however this does not apply vice-versa exclusively to the ghosthawk. Chapter XIV - APD Aircraft Aircraft Patrols - Planes should only be used when responding to an active or impending situation (Planes may not be used to scout the entire map without due reason) Exception: Armed plane patrols may be utilized to engage High Value Targets ($300k+ bounty or in a zamak or larger). Exception: During 100% certainty of high gang activity. Recon Plane Patrol - The Fixed Wing Aircraft can be used for both recon and rapid response. Recon patrols can be performed by any APD member, with the approval of a Corporal or higher. May not directly engage ground units. Must leave with the wave, but does not have to return to HQ when the wave ends. Must not use lights and sirens. (this includes checking redzones). (Does not apply to Cartels/Rebels) Officers may switch from recon to rapid response, but not the other way around. Recon planes may be operated by more than one officer. Rapid Response Plane Patrol - The Fixed Wing Aircraft can be used to respond to rebel activity, with the approval of a Corporal or higher, the APD may employ the use of parachutes to minimize the danger of a risky landing. These patrols may engage with criminals on the ground. Must use lights/sirens when engaging a suspect or entering a redzone. These patrols cannot switch to a recon patrol and must return to an HQ to become a recon patrol. Armed Plane Patrol - The Armed Plane patrols are conducted by Sergeants or higher. These patrols can be used for both recon and rapid response. Armed planes will follow Ghosthawk engagement rules. Exception - Armed Planes can also engage ground vehicles. Armed planes may mirror the guns hot status of any active Ghosthawks. However, this does not apply vice-versa. Recon Patrols conducted in a Helicopter may have a pilot and co-pilot as it’s a crew. The Ghosthawk Ghosthawk patrols may be used to respond to heavy gang activity. The weapons may only be used on aerial, or illegal vehicles (including APD/R&R Hunters and Striders). Must be sent a text to land or park and given 10 seconds to comply. Exception: Any variant of the Blackfish only requires a 5 second engagement period. Once the text is sent, if the Blackfish pilot elects to change the Angle of Attack of the rotors to facilitate flight (read: changing rotors to take off), the Ghosthawk is guns hot. If the Ghosthawk is fired upon it may return fire, and that specific ghosthawk remains guns hot until the situation is resolved. This includes when the Ghosthawk is presented with a clear threat (Example: civilian with an explosive launcher that has engaged the Ghosthawk via text or an explosive launcher clearly pointing at the Ghosthawk in a red zone) If multiple Ghosthawks have been shot down in the same situation, any Sergeant and above may decide to return to the situation guns hot provided they notify a member of the opposing force. If an APD Ghosthawk is stolen, the APD may use Any Means Necessary to recover it. The “guns hot” call must come from a Senior APD involved in the situation. Ghosthawks mirror the “guns hot” activity of other hawks. A Ghosthawk may be authorized "guns hot" within the federal event's anti-air circle after bomb blows at a federal event in cases where civilians are holding the area without the intent to leave. Exception: Ghosthawks are authorized "guns hot" after bomb blows on illegal vehicles within the federal event's inner anti-air circle (this includes RnR armored vehicles). If a server restart occurs while the hawk is guns hot, it may return guns hot. The Armed Huron is treated as a Ghosthawk. If an officer fires any weapon out of the back "ramp" of the Armed Huron prior to being fired upon, that Armed Huron may not go "guns hot". Hummingbird If giving chase to a vehicle piloted/driven by a suspect of a crime, or a vehicle which is carrying a suspect of a crime, the pilot/driver is to be notified by text message to land/park the vehicle. The Corporal or higher must be the one to give the directive to use the guns. If an APD hummingbird enters an area of engagement and/or is in the area where an active gunfight between APD and civs is taking place, the hummingbird may fire upon engaged ground units without sending a text, upon the direction of a corporal or higher. The unarmed Huron and Hellcat are treated as a hummingbird. Feel free to comment with any questions/commentary, and as always, looking at you @Civilian Council, especially for the "commentary" portion. All things aside, House update was added because it just wasn't in the handbook (was still being followed SMILE), the outnumbered portion is a clarification, SDAR portion is also a clarification on PROCEDURE and IS NOT retroactive. Rest is rather self-explanatory.
  8. Current state of the APD:


    1. Soulz



    2. Silton


      They really do be mad about tier 3

    3. Parker R

      Parker R

      WE WONT STAND FOR THIS! we gonna fight back 💯

  9. Assisting Ban Evaders, easily my best (and only legitimate) ban. shoutout @3 Rip
  10. 17.5m prize pool in @Zurph's Monopoly tournament


  11. Pull up on me in monopoly I will hold this shit down for the APD
  12. Updated the prize amounts and when I win all proceeds will be donated to the APD and used to put the @Civilian Council in the dirt
  13. 0 risk 2.25m reward still sicko mode
  14. I call bullshit. Go outside and take a selfie kid Oh wait, I found @Silton imagine having a 1m+ house and a $5 trashcan couldn't be me
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