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  1. when you 1k your teacher with a type 115
  2. y'know m8. I remember how toxic you were and how my friends and I would join cqc just to basically put you in your place. I still don't hate anyone, but you were def one of the people I liked the least. That being said, if you ACTUALLY change up to become someone who is well rounded and not just a complete egotist, I think that's a pretty big thing. Even out of the eyes of arma, a full 180 in anything takes a lot of effort. So, I accept the apology ig. Be careful tho. I'm on "break" right now too because arma is literally addicting. I attribute it to the community. I love the people here and I would never be on my computer if my gang mates lived near me. But anyways, good luck on your unperm and don't ddos @Majed
  3. I don't respect you lmao liberal
  4. feelsbadman. I think it's cause arma is more cpu heavy than gpu. Or the other way around. But if one is a bunch better than the other, then that will change which settings are better on high
  5. In Arma 3, setting settings low leads to more lag. It's kinda retarded but yeah. Half of the settings on high will speed your game up, the other half (give or take) will slow it down on high.
  6. yeah you did retard. Just that you've had identity crises and you were named xanx
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