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  1. Forgot the BW boys wtf, @Creepy and @xDRO let me in and had some fucking good times with you guys and I’ll never forgot passing out and @Creepy having my back haha. Also finding people who enjoyed drinking as much as I did. Thanks my dudes. And creepy holding it down in meetings lmao
  2. @Mako Congrats again

    @thor the lad, well deserved, now to take over @Winters 

  3. SecTranLive


    Well, I promised I'd keep this short after seeing people have some deep o7's but oh well Thank you to everyone who gave me a shot on the APD and the Staff Team, I'm truly appreciative of both opportunities I've been afforded here and made some solid friends and learned a lot from so many people. I enjoyed volunteering my time here and trying to keep everyone enjoying theirs as well. @Messy my boy got me started here, my #1 @Winters one of the best lads around this place. I've learned a lot from you and you got strong dedication that will take you far. The early morning weekend grinds won't be the same and its the end of an era. Honestly one of the greatest people I've met here and been able to hang out with. @Luke Duke and @bo duke the duke boys, had some great time playing with both of you and you guys brought me up on the APD, which im forever grateful for. @destruct @Hylos thanks for dealing with me on the staff side and answering my 1000 questions and just being the lads @Zeuse @1thedoc @Dank MeeMoo goodbye my rats and anyone other guys @thor keep grinding, you're going to go far, just don't burn yourself out. Also invite Winters to SFA m8 @ThatNerdyGuy someone who should have been a Dep Chief before me, however the last few months we've been putting in work not only APD side but Staff side. Keep the shittage's coming and I enjoy our conversations and playing man. @Kedar rat had some very fun times playing with you, keep whipping the support team into shape @Mr GOAT I learned a great amount from you on running the APD and the APD is in a very solid place, the cards are stacked. Thanks for the opportunity to stick around while I could. @Crenshaw FTO's together and we had a good ride. Take care bro and be easy @Hurricane I've had some fun times man, keep grinding and doing you and remember to have fun @Headless the GRIND IS REAL - do you and keep pushing @Claysive came up on medic learning from you, I know we haven't spoke a lot lately, but you're a solid dude and I wish you the best The list is deep, but here are some honorable mentions that I can remember with my old man brain @Cooper:P @Sho-Time @Status Update @Cyanide @CocoisDead @Fraali @Noodles:D @Millennium @Sandman @hawk @Brolaf @Mita @Greenbum @Slumberjack and so many others. Again I want to thank everyone for making my experience here an awesome one and most of ya'll are awesome people. The time has come to move on and further my career, so I wish everyone the best.
  4. Take care and be safe my man.
  5. 1. Did you even see the event location and how athira rebel will be a “friendly” area to gear? 2. The amount of money we’ll make per lethal is minimal, however we can just tase you and bring you back to HQ if you’d rather that how we conduct the event. 3. See below.
  6. If you feel a member of the APD has broken a rule, submit an internal affairs report at Olympus-entertainment.com/support and be sure to include as much evidence as possible, such as video evidence.
  7. #fuckvigis

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    2. Monks


      Ohhhhhh noooooooo did you have a bad day? 😢

    3. SecTranLive


      @Monks nope just think vigis should be deleted

    4. Headless


      @Outcast is my favorite admin.

  8. I would strongly support you taking whatever situation that a member of the staff team bent rules to their favor in and bring that to the @Senior Admin. Also if its support team that is an issue, then bring that to the senior support or a member of the staff team. Same goes with sAPD. I understand something has frustrated you, but to get it resolved, the people who can take action on that need to know what the problems are. For player reports - we do what we can. Not everyone has the time of day to spam refresh and complete tickets as they come in. We strive to complete them at a reasonable pace, however sometimes our staff has other duties going on, personal matters, or are taking a break. If this was a huge issue of a backlog of reports, Senior Moderator @Hylos will beat us until tickets are resolved.
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