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  1. Demon9845

    go in TS and go into the support room (join for help) and ask any question you have there.
  2. Demon9845

    You're not helping yourself.
  3. Demon9845

    Unban the man. Restrictions are already tuff. Its like being tortured but trying to enjoy it.
  4. Demon9845

  5. @i chop hatchbacksETA on hatchback chopping montage?

  6. Demon9845

    I own it
  7. Demon9845

    Atleast you weren't up against @Montez He would've been through the other wall when you died. You are autistic.
  8. Demon9845

  9. Demon9845

    very last page, oldest on the page.
  10. Demon9845

    WOW! 300?! Holy shit dude. Keep goin soon you'll beat @Bojo
  11. hbd @Mutiny. You were born today? Nice!

    1. Mutiny


      yeah im literally zero years old

    2. Demon9845


      Thats why I said it.

  12. hbd @Ryan-norris hows 136 treatin' ya?

  13. Demon9845

    lmao. ok

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