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  1. https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/id/Demon9845/#sort=order
  2. This game does not affect his life lmao
  3. support/comp team? Support team can't even put in an opinion, what makes you think they can do comp requests.
  4. The only reason I still come to oly forums is for the arguments.
  5. Give me a mil and ill hug your dirty ass
  6. If you're asking if hes gonna scam you, he wont. If you're asking if his houses are good, they are.
  7. If I do a hostage situation I never get anything higher than 5 donuts and a coffee. No matter how many people I have in restraints.
  8. fr. I was sitting in first hour when I saw this post, so I went to google and read every single post until the bell rang lmao.
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