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  1. there was no warning by staff when the first case of hacked money came about which happened last sunday and I received money and fucked around that day and got permed for it, no staff said anything against it no posts were made nothing, this was before destruct made a post this was before this post, seems a little fried that I can get permed for that with no statement advocating against it as most that received the money the first time this happened just expected a rollback the first time it happened not the 8th time or whatever
  2. Grim Khan

    cya rebel inc captain i member
  3. Grim Khan

  4. Grim Khan

    the gang wars lasted an extra 2-3 hours just because the admins were waiting for TI to get a roster, guaranteed if it was any other gang that did that they would be DQ instantly lmao
  5. Grim Khan


    man they done got my nigga bruh RIP on drama grave he dint deserve that shit on my momma on everything glo in peace my nigga
  6. Grim Khan

    speakin on grim name yall got shit on twice in a row
  7. Grim Khan

    no one gives a shit about vigis you scat
  8. 20 years old has a lisp its pretty fuckin funny ngl
  9. do i need to drill it in your head that you retards put lispy on your roster and are gonna lose? "TEY AR AT STHAR GUYTH I THEE TEM WAN EWECTRIC BAWX WACH OUT XIWIE"
  10. lol its balanced trust me lispy dont worry bout us worry about yourself you mouth breathing trashcan
  11. Grim Khan

    fr fr fr fr fr fr bruh dude aint been out here like that we been on 79th and essex our whole lives mane on capo grave it been like that
  12. Grim Khan

    how would APD die from that? civs can lose upwards of 300k when they die, cops make ridiculous amounts of money for doing nothing half the time, they can be sitting in hq with their thumbs up their asses and make 400k in 5 minutes from some arrests they werent even involved in 15k a death is extremely reasonable and should be implemented to ensure that cops lose SOMETHING when they die, like civs do fair is fair right?
  13. Grim Khan

    the only thing they should add is cops losing 15k or some amount every time they die, when i kill a cop i want him to lose at least something like I do when I get ran up on by 9 cops and have to sit in a virtual jail for 80 minutes and lose like 300k i dont give a shit about anything else because in my opinion cops are balanced because they get one shot by most rebel weapons and are pretty damn easy to kill but just make it so they lose some money on a death so they lose something, yall try to keep the "simulation of a real police force" and make all these real life examples of what would happen etc etc.. but cops just spawn in with a full loadout every time they die so just make it that they lose 15-20k every time they die so if i shit on a cop 4-5 times he is down a sizable amount of money because with him just coming back over and over and over again he has everything to gain and nothing to lose and if i lose after the 8th time ive shat on the cops they reap all the benefits and i get to sit in virtual jail for over an hour

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