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    1. Scribble
    2. Silton


      cuts it when he says however. crazy

    3. Icy


      actually that’s just when i alt+f10’ed it, and he just gave some bullshit about how the staff decision was to give the point to SFA regardless of the rules, which were clearly in TP’s favor. but what would you know? you’re just a retard that plays arma all day. 

  1. this mans a rat. "i can tell you who sent it to me" smh
  2. Icy


    he’s monster’s #1 fan
  3. can we get service stations on s3 pls

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    2. Zahzi
    3. Icy


      actually @Masoooooooooon this was me angry posting as someone bought and modified a hatchback and blew up my frit.

      because hatchback > ifrit

    4. Mako



      Good idea gamers I saw in gang chat when you asked for it, slated for development.

  4. https://stats.olympus-entertainment.com/stats/top/?stat1=casino_winnings&stat2=casino_losses&stat3=casino_uses major pain, with 1500 wins and 1500 losses for windows key betting, comes in at almost 1400 windows key bets more than the next guy, who has like 500 more total bets than the guy after that. there's 18 people with 1600+ casino bets. the math here don't add up. if anything, it only fucked people up because they were able to feed their betting addiction. also, i'd like to add: before the betting cap was implemented, I honestly only saw a few people doing huge bets in side chat. I used to be one of those people trying to do huge bets, with an avg of 8.6m/bet (ish). Every time I would ask to do a big bet, and I was on a LOT back then, people would pussy out and do a 500k or something small instead.
  5. free shmeeto. armed medics to prevent these terrible things from happening!
  6. olympus really giving people gambling addictions
  7. i never thought you could montage someone else's kill and put the clip in as "hummingbird down," and when they crashed say "all dead" twice
  8. the mandalorian on disney+ if you don't already have a disney+ subscription, get one. they've got like 5 new series coming out within the next 2 years, all star wars related.
  9. can someone lock this post i think i got mild autism from it no hate to anyone involved, i'm just kind of sick of seeing "aPd OvErPoWeReD" five times a day on the forums. and now it's spilled over to general chit-chat. edit: if you don't like it, i encourage you to make a real suggestion instead of complaining
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