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  1. So after scouring the forums, talking with players in game, and frankly finding nothing but vague references I would like to know what items are illegal. The APD manual lists specific weapons and vehicles (including all blackwater items). However, this seems to be the extent of the list as far as I can find; however, after discussing with lots of players there seem to be other items which are illegal but not listed anywhere. Specific examples include magazines, silencers, suicide vests. If it is all items purchased at rebel, then why are guile suits and gl rigs legal?
  2. Welcome to Olympus mate! Glad to have you, let me know if you need any help with anything.
  3. Hurrah! I finally got my PC charger. SAFE is open for recruitment and I should be caught up with all my loose ends by tomorrow. Also, my support tickets were completed while I was gone which is always nice. Shout out to the excellent moderator and admin team!

  4. Gee, What a fantastic way to start my week of vacation. I have to go to Best Buy and pick up a power cord for my PC. I was a genius and left mine at home. RIP all plans tonight. Anyway, hopefully things will be smooth sailing from here out. I hope that most of you guys had a better fourth than I :D

  5. Happy fourth of July everyone! So today I am heading out to my grandparents house (about a 6 hour drive). They just recently moved into a new house and have a lot of work that needs done. Riding in the car is not my ideal 4th, but it'll buff. They could really use the help, and it's not like I can remember my last one anyway.

    1. Linka


      have a good one man

  6. Hello everyone! I am sure some of you recognize me, I have been pretty consistent on S2 since I began playing Arma back in April. I have managed to initiate a couple of successful endeavors since joining including setting up the structure for the now gone "1RK" gang and the current replacement of that gang "Helix". I am currently working on giving the gang operation a second go round; however, the first attempt was limited as I was not technically the owner which resulted in some problems. Anyway enough about gangs because it seems that I don't ever focus on other things. Firstly I will give you some backdrop on me before Arma. I have always enjoyed strategy games growing up, including stuff like "Command and Conquer" and "Age of Empires". For aslong as I can remember I binged strategy, when my parents would not let me on the computer I would play Risk, Stratego, Axis & Allies, and most recently Eclipse: Dawn of the Galaxy. All this goes to say that I am completely obsessed with critical thinking and tactics. This has always been a part of who I am, even before I played games I would build LEGOs and create complex economies (complex for an 8 year old anyway). Anyway, in August of 2016 I started playing Clash Royale. Clash Royale was the first game that I really have devoted a lot of time to. In fact, I have committed the last two years or so of my life to maintaining a consistent presence in that game. I was a mildly successful streamer, mostly appealing to low tier players and friends, but nonetheless I built a name for myself. Sometime during the fall of last year, I was given an opportunity to essentially manage the North American branch of the Team Liquid community. Having recently taken a break from Clash Royale, I find myself devoting a lot of time to Olympus. I know that when I first started I was very frustrated, "Why can I not kill all these people?" all I did was die. This didn't make sense to me at first, I had just come from playing competitive PUBG to Altis Life and got my ass handed to me. Honestly, for the first 2 weeks or so I was just frustrated, coming from a top 0.25% rank in PUBG to this was just the worst. I ended up establishing 1RK and eventually saw it burn to the ground do to immature players and inconsistent leadership. After all that I am now here, posting on the forums introducing myself after a month and a half of anonymity. Moving on from video games, I am an Eagle Scout, graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA, grew up with 11 younger siblings, and love Ultimate. Eagle Scout is probably the most defining thing about me, however I don't think I could manage to include a synopsis of that here since it would take a few thousand words to tell. Ultimate is probably the easiest in the fact that I just enjoy the thrill of being competitive in an environment that is a whole lot more about the community and friendships than other sports. The 11 siblings I am sure I will get questions about if I don't describe, so I will do my best. Firstly, I have 9 sisters and 2 brothers. Currently the oldest of them is heading to her first year of college in the fall, and the rest are still in preliminary school. Growing up with so many siblings taught me a lot and I attribute most of my skills with managing to both Boy Scouts and my family. There are many more things that I could detail here as could anyone, but these are the highlights. Finally I am a Christian, if this bothers you just skip this paragraph you won't hurt my feelings. Anyway, I am a Christian and this post would be incomplete without me mentioning that. I don't want to be thrown into the category of typical 'Christians' who are judgmental and hypocritical. In fact I would say that my whole viewpoint is the complete opposite of that. I believe that no one is better than anyone else, everyone makes mistakes and whether they are big or small makes no difference in my mind. The reason that I mention this is because my Christian viewpoint is that I have a hope that my mistakes are not what makes me who I am and that I live in the presence of a God that values me enough to make atonement for my mistakes. This hope is what gives me joy in the midst of sadness, peace in the chaos, and the ability to forgive and love others. Anyway that is my shpeal on Christianity. In conclusion, I would just mention what a great community you guys are. Sure there are always going to be those people who have to cause problems, but as a whole I think that you guys do a great job of keeping things going in the right direction. I look forward to your responses and cannot wait to see where the future will take us. Sincerely, Skatlock
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