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  1. hurican

    Vigi defending his role... typical
  2. hurican

    Ban him again
  3. hurican

    great conversation you are having here
  4. hurican

    Ifrits and other armored vehicles and aircrafts can be destroyed in 1 shot
  5. hurican

    TBH his posts are entertaining especially when the whole forums goes against him, and it’s not good to censor people unless they are actually causing harm to the community
  6. hurican

    are u high
  7. hurican

  8. hurican

  9. hurican

  10. oops


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    2. yung matt

      yung matt

      wow u killed someone in a heli ur so good

    3. hurican


      56 minutes ago, yung matt said:

      wow u killed someone in a heli ur so good

      Sorry could not understand mr 3 voice cracks a second

      Edited by hurican
    4. yung matt

      yung matt

      cant deny that

  11. hurican

    Group stages would be cool to see
  12. hurican

    Still does not make the shit they said and did right... I gaurentee no one on Olympus would want this cancer fest on stream too
  13. hurican


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