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  1. scratch that, selling it to someone else
  2. NotSoDank

    WTS Mar-10

    still selling?
  3. tier 4 for 250k? not sure how much they are worth
  4. selling a mar10 supp for 12.9 mil
  5. I don't know exactly how much they are, but since they are limited on the server now, I'll start with 14 mil
  6. NotSoDank

    WTS Mar-10

    1.2 And it is a lethal, right?
  7. If that was a question, try putting a question mark so he actually knows that you are asking him something
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/id/NotSoDank/#sort=order sorry outcast I need this
  9. I'll sell it for around 6-8 mil
  10. No I bought it from real but I never used it @rabid
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