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  1. A very high budget piece, indeed.
  2. 3 mil for mar 10 lethal and dms
  3. Where do you find the casino stats? I cannot find them in the Olympus stats nor the in-game stats.
  4. I spent a lot on the inv upgrades, and the location is good so I am keeping it the same, which I think is low for it
  5. Posting bc no one frequently checks realtor. Listed for 4.5 mil and is upgraded to 1500 virtual storage and 500 physical storage.
  6. scratch that, selling it to someone else
  7. notsodank

    WTS Mar-10

    still selling?
  8. tier 4 for 250k? not sure how much they are worth
  9. selling a mar10 supp for 12.9 mil
  10. I don't know exactly how much they are, but since they are limited on the server now, I'll start with 14 mil
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