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  1. NotSoDank

    Send me a pm of your offers
  2. NotSoDank

    If people want to bet all their money away, why not let them do it in one go?
  3. NotSoDank

    I got killed by a rebel once. Please remove.
  4. NotSoDank

    I'll sell it to whoever has the highest offer tomorrow or something like that
  5. NotSoDank

    Sorry, I haven't got any holo scopes. Those are too rare
  6. NotSoDank

    Got a dms if anyone wants to buy it. Send me offers.
  7. NotSoDank

    The ADR-97 is like a p90
  8. They definitely should not add suppressors for vigis because it would have to be purchasable in cash, not warpoints, and vigis would just end up selling a bunch to rebels.
  9. NotSoDank

    Cooldown is 3 minutes
  10. NotSoDank

    Just ram into it with a water scooter like any civilized person would
  11. NotSoDank

    One of my favorite lego games
  12. NotSoDank

    If you want to be a money hungry jew go on olympus
  13. NotSoDank

  14. NotSoDank

    The sight is set to hit right on at 200 meters, because bullet drop is taken into account. At 10 meters, the sight is not set for that distance, despite the minimum being 200 m, so the bullet will not hit right on.
  15. NotSoDank

    I mean we all know cod is an accurate mil sim, so arma did something wrong

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