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  1. lmao how old is your brother? Didn't know I was married at 16.
  2. nah i'll see you when you're back from college. I'm actually your brother.
  3. after 3pm est next weekend if it’s on Saturday, please and thank you for the update
  4. @Papi Pods happy birthday my guy

  5. indian


    idek if that makes sense. Point is that there's so much other shit in the world that you could do that's 100x more productive and fun then arma
  6. indian


    ;( ya I just don't think this game is worth my time, nor any one's time really. I'd way rather go to OSU for dental school with a 4.0gpa and a sport over wasting the most important years of my life playing this dead game full of power-tripping retards to then attend some dogwank community college or some shit.
  7. indian


    didn't see this coming, had fun playing with you in sy and I wish you the best with whatever you've got ahead of you. Only if you didn't leave for plague the week after I made the sr member tag originally for you and gf lol
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