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  1. join if u want, shit's going down if my frames drop under 144

  2. I will never understand how a whiny political pawn that can barely speak without being spoon fed a script wins person of the year over HK protesters. Greta had less than 2% in the official voting poll. Like fuck me, Mr Beast has done more for the environment than that girl, give him the award. A bunch of zealots at Times.
  3. unless i'm willing to indulge for Moe's queso
  4. stfu, not this shit again
  5. you’re a fat shit head if you prefer Chick-fil-A over chipotle. A chicken burrito bowl > a greasy chicken sandwich the size of my palm with normal fries in the shape of a waffle. Go to five guys if you want good fries. Shit, if five guys released chicken sandwiches, Chick-fil-A would be dead
  6. Ayo share my curry with me

  7. @Millennium @Brolaf happy birthday amigos

    1. Millennium


      ty mr fellow 916 fan

    2. Brolaf


      Thanks man

  8. lmao how old is your brother? Didn't know I was married at 16.
  9. nah i'll see you when you're back from college. I'm actually your brother.
  10. after 3pm est next weekend if it’s on Saturday, please and thank you for the update
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