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  1. Canadian

    "After all the fun me and Norwegian had (he was the only rank 4)" Maybe if someone didn't kick a certain someone, maybe the gang would still be alive. Sorry for bringing up what people thought was wrong in the gang, and you taking it personally.
  2. Canadian

    2x Mk1 (taser) 3x Mxm (taser) 4x Mx (taser) 3x Spar-16 (taser) 1x Sting (taser) 14x Stones 4x Police Vests 1x Lieutenant Uniform + lvl 4 vest + NATO beret 2x Zafir 1x 50. Mag 2x 6.5 Stealth Suppressor 4x Csat Uniforms 2x Pilot Coveralls s3 db5 House + Garage
  3. Canadian

    dm me. I got 3x mk1's | 2x mx's | 3x mxm's | and 3x 6.5 suppressors
  4. Canadian

  5. Canadian

    dm we can talk about it
  6. Canadian

    Are we going to see a APD buff, or a [ - ] gang nerf?
  7. Canadian

    name it, I got it. (taser/cops wise)
  8. Canadian

    @Pledge I still have it, he keeps trying to snake it...
  9. Canadian

    Why is my name on this post??
  10. Canadian

    Special Price for @Grego and @MyersB
  11. Canadian

    Pledge just camp my house for 2 hours again. Sorry for everyone else that tase cops. A LOT of SAPD wear Corporal loadouts now.
  12. Canadian

    Lt. Pledge's loadout including : Taser Mk1 -- Level 4 vest -- NATO Baret | And a Lt. uniform (NOT PLEDGE'S) Special deal for the man himself...
  13. Canadian

    Who else would it be. You are the only one in the heli...

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