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  1. Canadian

    Time to purge. Happy hunting
  2. Canadian

    @Papi Pods can you dupe warpoints?
  3. Whos this Rossco guy? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. communistjosh


      30 minutes ago, Strikke said:

      Someone who got corp and for some reason that is a big deal


    3. Strikke


      14 minutes ago, communistjosh said:


      Its true tho

    4. RDyer216


      A nobody

  4. Canadian

    Did you record this with an android? epic clips, its been a while
  5. Canadian

    Can confirm half of these items were once mine lol... I aquired they via s3 sooooooo...
  6. Canadian

    The thing is is though is that its not 'that good' of a weapon. Personally I have not seen a demand for these so for that reason I gave it a solid price range.
  7. Canadian

    id say a decent 250k - 350k
  8. Canadian

  9. Canadian

    What does this picture have to do with duping? It's quite simple... 1=2
  10. Canadian

    hit up @Weird Flex, @Robinhood and @Ronin. They have the cheapest prices
  11. Canadian

    what happened to the one i gave you 2 days ago?
  12. Canadian

    Papi Pull Downs or Papi Pulldownsyndrome
  13. Canadian

    Hmm must be another Floyd Mayweather [ - ] that logged on just to tell side chat that they are the leader.... Also who the FUCK is [86] Connor McGregor???
  14. Canadian

    Are you the one who claimed to be the founder and leader of [ - ] gang???
  15. Canadian

    Might be Cousins

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