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  1. I miss kavala and rdm'ing fuckers like you.
  2. How are we supposed to downvote the next "add quilins" or "cops are op" posts, we cant call them retarded because somehow thats offensive.
  3. American schools get more action than warzone. Prove me wrong.
  4. @Papi Pods can you dupe warpoints?
  5. Whos this Rossco guy? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ooooooooo


      30 minutes ago, Strikke said:

      Someone who got corp and for some reason that is a big deal


    3. Strikke


      14 minutes ago, communistjosh said:


      Its true tho

    4. Richard
  6. Did you record this with an android? epic clips, its been a while
  7. Can confirm half of these items were once mine lol... I aquired they via s3 sooooooo...
  8. The thing is is though is that its not 'that good' of a weapon. Personally I have not seen a demand for these so for that reason I gave it a solid price range.
  9. What does this picture have to do with duping? It's quite simple... 1=2
  10. Canadian

    Buying tasers.

    hit up @Weird Flex, @Robinhood and @Ronin. They have the cheapest prices
  11. what happened to the one i gave you 2 days ago?
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