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  1. Happy birthday jackiepoo @AmericanWaffle

    Also happy birthday aarp membership lookin ass @Scribble

  2. on top so much my nigga monster got permed smh
  3. Dont buy shit with the money your getting if your getting it from the hacker.  Server will most likely be rolled back within a few hours.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Scribble


      @Venoooom= wishes he could be corp

    3. SPBojo


      @Scribble you started ur last vid with people saying "why are you not corp yet scribble".... 

    4. Scribble


      @SPBojo i was corp before though

  4. Congrats deputy @Bloodsport. Raised you as a dep and now your above me lmaooo

    1. Bloodsport
    2. Venoooom


      @Bloodsport so like i have full access to your helis yeah?

    3. Bloodsport
  5. @1thedoc happy birthday. you earned one day of good weather to build the bike engine.

  6. o7 man, gonna miss you, also i swear the chicks at In-n-out wern't trannys. Nah ima always tell you to shut up at feds
  7. Whats the square feet on the house 100m from square?
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