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  1. they took it of me anyway lmao
  2. ?fRoST

    mx mk1 taser

    ill try get one for you bro but if you wanna buy more mx and spar ive got quite alot again. when a sergeant hops on igy tho
  3. ?fRoST

    [WTB] Tazers

    look at my post
  4. ?fRoST

    WTB Mar-10/DMS

    Lol i thought this was on my post
  5. ?fRoST

    WTB Mar-10/DMS

    if you wanna buy them buy them if not just don`t comment ty Xx
  6. ?fRoST

    WTB Mar-10/DMS

    should of posted this 2 days ago lol i had both
  7. sure after my 3 day ban i will sell them to you
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807691579
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