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  1. @ ImSpicy If you have more ideas feel free to fill in the forum so that Sr.R&R can have a look and a talk over it if it gets accepted Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRZpXPnrJ5pUdIWWQwXpZB2CsNm9JLacrdJupTUxtxRVO4eg/viewform
  2. i7 - 4770k rx 570 16gb ram 1660mhz 125gb ssd, 2tb harddrive and a 1tb i hd since 2011 Note: saving up for an upgrade..
  3. What the actual fuck did i read.. yall need to be fucking purged… i need to get my eyes bleached.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. @Maddox @XnavrasX Congrats and welcome to Supervisor, you will find cookies in your G-hawk

  6. @Mudiwa So long friend... you were the real one closest to africa than the rest... wish you well in health and in life.. been a real good one meeting you and playing with u.. hope to see u in the future again.. o7
  7. Got shitfaced with my dad and brother and got some fake chinese airpods.. not bad tbh.
  8. +1  my Favorite Albano African ❤️

  9. People should really stop asking for the medical go-cart, it has no proper value of use and won't benefit R&R, its basically a meme, we got the quad which is already a joke to use? (IDK) also, the Seniors will automatically deny it. hate me for what im saying but im speaking the truth.. also.. where did u get that pic?
  10. Ruan

    @uxguy1 Happy Birthday !!!!:bender-dance:

  11. its not a fancy tide pod, its a Vape.. i think... mabey a vibrator or some thing?

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