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  2. i dont get offended, even if i wasnt caucasian, its the internet, its not hard to not be a whiny bitch about jokes
  3. ur dads dad is my dads uncles dad, so get rekt nerd
  4. well my dads ur dads dad so hah loser im ur uncle get rekt well ur dad owns a vast amount of shitposts
  5. i only RDM admins anyone else is beneath me thats weird because Ryans my brother too! Steve is that you?! i know i blew up your HEMMT box fully upgraded and insured and killed you and all of your friends running the truck full of processed meth to the dealer, but i think i can give you a 200k comp because you had 1 minute of NLR left so...
  6. everyone who sees me calls me a loser and says i stink Comp or ban i recorded you hurting my feelings 200k per word in the sentence comp my emotional distress and trauma
  7. WOAH WOAH WOAH chill out there pal.. take me to dinner first.
  8. idk why you would say that
  9. Frantic Fraenitic Frinatic Fnatic Frentic Frintinic Frintenic Frantinec Frantenic Fraentc Fraenitc these are all the proper ways to say my name because everyone says it like this anyway
  10. Haven't smoked it often, but the only times I got high from smoking it were the first and second time. Every other time I got a bit of an elevated mood.
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