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  1. Strikke

    Filthy hacker
  2. Strikke

    Mabye i can finally get back the 1mil i payed Nixon Jones
  3. Strikke

    But who is gonna fix the spectate menu now
  4. Strikke

    Aight ill see you on cap in 5 years
  5. Have a feeling you just be applying for shit to get more tags @Pledge:thinking-face_1f914:

    1. Pledge


      No way man. I asked some people to take some away yesterday. It's too much for me man.

  6. 9L90C-24RWX-YLEQQ

    1. communistjosh


      Strikke stop posting people IPs :Kappa:

    2. hawk


      Thanks, i got DOOM for free :wub:

  7. @Hadi Mokdad ?


    1. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      Hahahhaha da fuck

    2. communistjosh


      That plane is fucking massive

  8. You are still playing wasteland tho
  9. Strikke

    Im really thankful for the seizure this video gave me Also im triggered as not everyone in this world celebrates thanksgiving, you are trying to force culture on me. I am TRIGGERED
  10. Happy b-day old friend :)

  11. Happy birthday mane


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