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  1. Congratz man!!! dont you dare to spend more time in the SR apd lounge then in our penthouse

    1. Ramennoodles


      I will forever remember you as my lost child:wub: that is growing up and achieving greatness. Congratulation tho! Well deserved.

    2. javins beast

      javins beast

      yes it was well deserved, Good Job main keep it up. Evan!!

  2. Breaking bad memes on point
  3. Hi dad :) Can I have a cookie?



    if you know what I mean

    1. Mercury


      Sure thing, just open wide!

      if you know what I mean

    2. Strikke


      will do :pog:

    3. Ignis


      @TheCmdrRex You jelly?

  4. dang... forgot... guess ill just take the ban then... @Mercury
  5. Do i spot Weed Pro?
  6. There has been wipes before and last time it didnt go very well..... They kinda had to fully remove a server down to just two servers because people left.
  7. apd

    +1 Cuz im in it
  8. -1
  9. that is what the nerf did xD it does not shoot through orcas and other armored vehicles glass anymore.
  10. i assume that you can't buy insuranse on the new illegal vehicles aswell?
  11. hahah xD rip
  12. I guess this is what happens when server 1 dossent restart properly xD