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  1. Strikke

    Ye ur trash kid, sit down
  2. Strikke

    Not if i sell yours first
  3. Ill let you pass bby :*
  4. Chapter 4: Forum Use
  5. Strikke

    Here is your problem. Because you and your friend use different tags you do not get engaged if someone engages your friend. Look at Chapter 1: Rule 3 in the server rules. This is also a problem, Warning shots can only be given to Helis and Planes Look at Chapter 5: Rule 1 and Chapter 5: Rule 2 in the server rules
  6. Strikke

    also just go to IKEA and buy like a $20 chair. you aint gonna need no $50 scam
  7. Strikke

    wtf is this Dell prebuilt pc shit? you dont need a chair, you need an actuall PC
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    2. lou25000


      Im a barbie girl!

    3. ivy


      nice singing mexican boy xx 


      remember this lou

    4. lou25000
  8. Strikke

    @SPBojo you trynna start shit fam, i aint no inactive ass bitch. se på deg selv du.. inactive af.
  9. Strikke

    He aint staff no more
  10. Strikke

    To soon
  11. Strikke

  12. Strikke

    They be thinking gas station robberies are red zones, god damn.
  13. Strikke

    Take it to the staff meeting and if you forget ill take it up later during the staff only section of the meeting. A player should not own and be in charge of anything that is official Olympus things just sayin' @DeadPool

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