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  1. Btw there were 3 good games here.

    Shadow of War, Dirt Rally 2 and Hitman 2

  2. GF8IM-2WI79-XMA75



  3. Steam Keys:






  4. Steam keys:







  5. ارفع يدك أو تموت أيها الحيوان اللعين
  6. Nothing is worse then vigis, TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW
  7. Apparently I did 2 RDM! Neat-O! You guys suck dog shit. The most blatant fucking people RDM all day long, but its the person who tries shooting back who gets banned. Increase my ban time to forever, you deserve your shit server

    1. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      You deserve a perm you fucking ***** @Strikke

  8. As if you have never watched porn before....
  9. What is this? American politics?
  10. I redact this from my statement because Pyrgos rebel is still somehow fucked.
  11. No, you need to actually know 3d design, map design or code in SQF i wish though.
  12. Its what Designers and Devs get before becoming their "full" rank
  13. But this is not what the word hypocrite means though. Being a hypocrite means you are preaching something and then at the same time not following your own words. it does not mean that a person has done something a long time ago in the past and then has changed. As https://dictionary.cambridge.org puts it: "he's always lecturing other people on the environment but he drives around in a huge car." I find their example quite good as it shows that the two actions basically have to happen around the same time, not years apart,
  14. @Dicky Oh noooooo. not my e rep. pls dont downvote my posts i might kms from this harrasment, i need my e rep. pls no, oh no dont do it. so scared. someone help me he downvoted my posts because hoes mad. how you gonna do me like that, not my e rep oh no, lord save me. such great threats in the land. NOT MY E REP!!!
  15. Then why would you spend all this time responding to everyones comments? looks like you care a lot. Ah yes ofc the good old hypocrite argument.... Imagine this: You have been in jail for robbing stores, then a few years later you get released and start working with the police to prevent robberies. Would the robber be a hypocrite now because he doesn't rob anymore and instead talks about not robbing?
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