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  1. @Boomer xD Guess you never donated


    1. Boomer xD

      Boomer xD


  2. Sure, but at what cost did the space program come at? oh yeah most of the country was starving
  3. This Communism kills competition which in turn kills innovation. Progress would be awfully slow or we might even be stuck with certain technologies for a LONG time before anything better comes alogn.
  4. I guess he knew his strengths and decided that he could go for the revive. Seems like it worked out for him.
  5. @GluxDesigns @Shades
    Wow yall old as hell :kappa:

    Happy Birthday ❤️

  6. In Norway we pay a 25% base tax, this increases slightly as you earn more but caps out eventually. Because of our way higher tax then whats usual in the US we get free health care, Cheap AF public transportation that isn't shit. Free Collage and wealthfare for people who need it and cant work. General public infrastructure isn't shit. Norway basically has no dept other then a small amount just for trading purposes. Even though we have systems which you would automatically scream "communist" at like a child. I would classify Norway and the rest of the Scandinavian countries as "Capitalistic socialistic democracy". We have a open market and anyone can start a private company and go ham with it if the choose to. You can 110% do your own thing BUT we have higher tax so that we don't need to go bankrupt over basic human needs. Also Norway isn't really in the EU, we just trade with the EU. (Short version) @Boomer xD lol. Atleast we arent in 22trillion dollars dept because of our excessive military spending. But thanks for that one tho. Oh and we have this: https://www.nbim.no/en/
  7. I miss back when APD were cops, not military. I also miss back when APD actually tried to RP and not just "BANG BANG LIST"
  8. 🔥 Profile song if fire

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    2. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      you done talking to yourself fam or

    3. Zurph


      @Strikke no one liked you back then and no one likes you now, can you do us all a favor and leave like you said you were?

    4. Strikke


      I never said i was gonna leave? hello? Quitting staff doesnt mean o7?

      A legit question for you Zurph. Why, who and what was i disliked for? Genuinely curious

      Nah goat im having to much fun. 🙂 

      But 4real tho goat. if you gonna downvote one post about the server lagging then stay true to yourself and downvote everyone elses as well. 🙂

  10. Just waited 30 sec for my vehciles to show and then another 30 sec for it to spawn. pls fix S2

  11. "Back of altis" more like "Port of altis" HA. 🙂 

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