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  1. Threadripper 2950X + arma 3


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    2. Strikke


      120 fps on arma with 16% cpu usage :hmm:


      The Ryzen series CPUs and Intel CPUs are all pretty much neck and neck with each other. AMD is not shit anymore like it used to be.

    3. J O E

      J O E

      Do you do anything else with that cpu or spent a fuck ton to play arma

    4. ThatNerdyGuy


      Finally someone else in this community uses the Ryzen based chips.  AMD and Intel are within spitting range of each other for performance.

  2. Strikke

    Just change out the word "twitch" with "school" and you are literately talking about what bullying "in the real world" is. Just saying Yall might say its "just the internet" but its not just that when you constantly keep harassing someone and ruin their day and maybe life if this whole DOX thing on him ive been hearing is actually true.
  3. Strikke

    Guess i just found a new hobby, Run around and blow up peoples houses so they get fucked.
  4. Strikke

    We have had some really and i mean REALLY good talks lately. I have had someone to talk to about my struggles with my brother and all that comes with that, while you have been able to talk back about your struggles with life (not going to specify but you know what i'm talking about <3). I get it man, go take care yourself and your baby mamma. Good luck with the new found family of yours. (Kinda sad you didn't @ me you imbecile <3 love you tho lul)
  5. Found ur favorite song! u skækk jævel


    1. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      I WANT THEIR VAN!!!!

  6. Keeps banning me smh

  7. Strikke

    Fixed it
  8. edit

    Edited by (Hayden)
  9. Strikke

    Ye if you was here pre wipe you'd know
  10. Strikke

    4 years ago my friend bought me Arma because he had been playing it for a little while and really liked it. He had already played on Olympus before me so we played Olympus. My friend had already joined a gang called TCA which was just a bunch of kavala scats/trolls in a fairly huge gang (Kinda like KS i guess). He left that gang to join a gang with rebels instead of scats and this gang was called Black Flag Operators (BFO). Our first day in the gang the 10 or so people that were on decided to do a weed run, we brought 2 .50 with both drivers and gunners and a few large trucks. The cops found us while we were pulling out the vehicles and ofc a few of us were wanted so they engaged. After fighting the cops through out the whole run we probably blew up/disabled around 20 cop cars and still manage to pick ingredients, process, sell and store the money without one of us getting close to getting cought. good times when people dared to use money Shout out to @Ducimus and @Black Flag 6A for running BFO back in the day and making it great and shout out to @iNTOXZTHEGREAT and @Kongen for hooking me up with arma.

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