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  1. Is FTO really this much hype? 

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. hawk


      The backstory is pretty funny tho 

    3. Ryan


      @hawk what is this backstory your talking about? :o 

    4. Headless


      @Strikke as much hype as your knitting obsession.

  2. Gratz cunt @Grandma and gratz old fart @Deputy Dog. Remember to give @housekitty the talk now :) 


  3. But he doesn't have bed sheets.
  4. Well.. Anyone can just go buy a vigi license and then buy the gun.
  5. ^ I guarantee that if the vigis had MK1s or some other high caliber lethal weapon they would have definitely won the fight seeing how they won it with 9mm guns that have crap accuracy and no range at all. Pluss the higher caliber weapons like the MK1 does WAY more damage per bullet then a sting or a po7. How does getting restrained change if they managed to rob you? I mean being dead is pretty crap to.
  6. That was not my question. Do you think they would have been able to rob your stuff if they didn't use tasers?
  7. Do you think the situation would have played out differently if they had MK1s or some higher lethal caliber weapon?
  8. Change it to an even older one. Ghost hotel
  9. i mean it works for me https://gyazo.com/e224ce1f7d175af96ee06b004beceb16
  10. @Stuuurrt. You are now the new translator since Bow left.

    1. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      @Strikke Hopefully he is cheaper than bow

  11. Hey Strikke, Im new to the site so I have no idea if it notified you that I responded but I did.


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