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  1. Strikke

    print("Rex is big dumb") am i a dev now? Python btw
  2. What kind of abomination is this?
  3. Strikke

  4. Strikke


    vipps 30kr?
  5. Strikke


    Hi. Why spend time on runs and possible get robbed when you can just be like @Bojo?
  6. @Hadi Mokdad Mamhoon

    1. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      You are my mamhoon <3

  7. Strikke

    Having R rated games on your steam account does not mean you are old enough. It just means you know how to set your DOB on steam to be old enough to get the games. And tbh this whole thread is kinda retarded and should't even be a problem, if you legit have a problem with people checking DOB then you wont get very far in life. So for the love of god i hope this whole thread is just you trolling.
  8. Strikke


  9. Strikke


    Don't care about you as a person but "edgy script kiddies" is a waste of air.
  10. Strikke


    You won't be missed.
  11. @Hadi Mokdad big dumb gay

    1. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      imagine being you :)

  12. Strikke

    How long do yall necroposters spend finding these posts?
  13. Strikke

    Pleier ikke du å kjøpe penger uansett?
  14. Strikke

    RP slayer 2.0?
  15. Strikke

    Wat? When i was medic i made like 50mil in 2-3 weeks of constant grinding.

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