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  1. Santa kills his little helper
  2. The "Crazy Time Carnival" Incident.
  3. Download the "Dark Reader" extension off of the chrome store automatically puts every site that does not even have dark mode into dark mode
  4. k? didnt try to bring down the server with me lmao just wanted to get permed, shit admin btw your signature is really funny
  5. Who ever changed my poll your funny, probably nierGG
  6. Cya boys, o7 Btw ez world record highest bounty ft. @Hisoka 107,633,312 950 black water charges Ty to all the fuckers that made this server playable but, this server is a dying waste of time. Join the toxic cops (@Hisoka @yoppa @TayK @Frog Legs) Duping??? SOMEONE CARRY ON THE TORCH
  7. Frog Legs


    150k Ill play 200k tho
  8. funny how someones salt mining montage got more upvotes then a senior admin's o7 post

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