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  1. I make 8 mil in moonshine in 3 hours
  2. I have 2 moonshine houses I don’t use, offer away for them S1 both 2 craters ones in DP 25 and the other in DP 22
  3. Yes ofc it makes him a hypocrite, shouldn’t have robbed in the first place, doesn’t make you not one And you obviously care about it since you took the time to go see who downvoted and make a comment about it
  4. Why spread hate tho when all anyone wants to do is have fun and enjoy the server and the people? That’s probably why the server is dieing boss because people like you feel like it’s necessary to spread hate and piss people off. If that’s all you play for than that’s cringe as hell, my guy Noah here just wanted to come share an achievement with the community that made it possible, didnt trash anyone, didn’t show hate to anyone, and you felt it was necessary to hate for why? We’re all cringe asf, we play a fucking roleplay server. My guy I’m just showing you that you’re a hypocrite, we don’t mass recruit btw, you can go talk to @Rexo about that one
  5. I think your being a bit of a hypocrite my guy
  6. “Randomly placing slam mines or explosive charges around with no RP causing death or destruction is considered RDM“ Well start counting when you start enforcing your rules right
  7. We don’t care about cringe, we enjoy the community we play with, and we wanted to share something everyone has helped us create, we gotta stop spreading hate like this if we want our community to survive my guy
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