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  1. Everyone deserves a second chance. Except charles fuck him.
  2. Thanks for everything Ryan you handle most on my comp request and are always on it, awesome to have staff that work and care for the players! 
    1. Millennium


      I thought u o7'd

    2. Lex yo

      Lex yo

      8 minutes ago, Millennium said:

      I thought u o7'd

      I did, why?

  3. o7 boys, love you all <3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. indian


      lol weren’t you the one that duped like 50 mxc’s or am I thinking of someone else with a similar name

    3. Lex yo

      Lex yo

      Fuckk thats ancient mayan knowledge right there son @indian

    4. indian


      From now on, I will only address you by Chosen | Lex

  4. Lex yo

    Dumb rule tbh. I love how you put "Heavily outnumbered" so that you can use it as a loophole.
  5. Welp all good things must come to a end I guess

  6. Is this accurate? @hawk


    1. Millennium


      Nah it isn't @hawk, there is no home phone in the background. 

    2. hawk


      It is a bit too accurate, and @Millennium that phone will be gone one day :lol:

  7. Just in case you need a recap on the latest episode of GOT's.


  8. Lex yo

    Nex, no amount of practice is gonna make you a good pilot you shitter
  9. You’ll probally he comped for the amount of money you have in your bank when rollback hits.
  10. Did you guys try, (/banhacker.exe)
  11. This whole situation is annoying af for the community and it sucks because there’s only so much you can do as staff. Best of luck figuring this shit out and doing all those comp requests <3
  12. Lex yo

    Good shit dude!

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