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  1. Lex yo

    You gotta be patient, you're the one applying. If it takes 1-week then it takes 1-week. They accept applications pretty quickly, just gotta wait there boss man.
  2. Lex yo

    Feels Bad
  3. Lex yo

    May be a bug. Make a bug report and make the devs aware of the issue. I personally know that the stats page has had problems in the past.
  4. Grats on server owner! @McDili

    1. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Congrats @Peter Long on server owner!

    2. Ryan


      Congrats @Hylos on server owner!

  5. Lex yo

    fuck it, we can roleplay as cold war vets now
  6. Lex yo

    Do you sell sergeant ranks?
  7. Lex yo

    Rule #1 never put your hands up.
  8. Lex yo

  9. Lex yo

    Is there video? If so, I would like too see.
  10. Lex yo

  11. Lex yo

    Damn that's dope, make me one
  12. Lex yo

    Its client side. Meaning if I see a turtle doesn’t mean you’ll see the same one. There’s nothing wrong with turtles. Now it being a waste of time is another story, but in terms of development it works fine.
  13. Lex yo

  14. Lex yo

    Just go rp shoot some dice

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