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  1. What did I just read
  2. I haven't done a bank in a while so I don't remember if you even get alot of money from doing it. But I know in my case the only reason I did banks at all was for the fights and shit.
  3. Did you passenger seat anyone during the test?
  4. Hbd ugly ass boy @Cooper:P

    1. Cooper:P


      Woahhhh.. but ty

  5. Anyone got some good gunhand clips

  6. i got @Claysive's first ever hatchback, i'll sell it for 10mil OBO
    1. Millennium


      What fucking website is that

    2. Lex yo

      Lex yo

      @Millennium who fucking knows, he's been banned off of almost every other streaming website

    3. vedalkenn


      y'all mfs really still bullying this guy


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