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  1. Ronin

    I think you should start posting them here to start unloading your hard drive.
  2. Peter Long stepped down as owner.

    he was offered 20k USD and turned it down, wonder how much Ares paid

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    2. Ronin


      @Peter Long Thanks for confirming this.  Would rather it being said from you than misinformation being spread.


    3. Pledge


      I legit just told you everything Peter said, and Peter did buy it for $1 from Dili. @Peter Long can confirm.

    4. bigSMOKE


      @Pledge yeah but ares didnt pay 1 dollar lol

  3. Ronin

    can't wait for a great roleplay session
  4. Ronin

    nobody here a snitch @OP just lie on your application.
  5. Ronin

    i have nothing to contribute other than papi pods has a small penis
  6. Ronin

    Easy W
  7. took 3 different sessions to finally feel a thing
  8. Ronin

    This guy would go on the practice servers just to talk about how good friends he was with Connor McGregor.
  9. Ronin

    I ratted my own gang bitch
  10. Ronin

    we've disappeared for a month shit magic trick
  11. Ronin

    good luck friend
  12. Ronin

    i'm unfollowing you on twitch white man
  13. Ronin

    no we totally abused it

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