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  1. don't let the state of olympus distract you from@CommanderSuki who hates people with small dicks


  2. Download them for free
  3. Ronin

    @Robinhood did everything he could to nerf vigilantes the tier system made it hard as fuck for them to get a shit spar-16
  4. To be honest I prefer another server's method of allowing the person to respond before the ban is enacted. Would save a lot of time and trouble on retarded bans.
  5. fuck u

    1. Benjison


      lick my balls faggot

    2. Ronin


      i will if thats u in your pfp boo thang

  6. Ronin

    perma'd and probably wiped
  7. Ronin

    We actually obtained 2 legitimate ones through CmdrRex and Outcast.
  8. Ronin

    we might duplicate our loadouts, but execute is still recruiting. we'll gladly take in a few OS
  9. OMG he said fuck arma 3? Now that’s content, I love making BT get a huge boner! It was funny in the beginning but some of you try too hard it gets stale.
  10. Ronin

    I'd head to microcenter if you have one nearby and make sure you're positive you're okay with that mouse. Overkill CPU cooler as well, go for something cheaper and put it towards a better GPU. Your PSU is also overkill, you're only pulling 234W. Also your monitor is 60hz, find a better option that's 144hz. In my opinion you're allocating your money for medium to high grade parts that don't need to be.
  11. Ronin

    :-( we are done with this server. are you still a cyber sec major?
  12. Ronin

    No Never implied or meant it was directly your fault, but if they had pursued for it like you said, GW would've occurred much sooner having it.
  13. Ronin

    pretty sure Jesse took the old GW file with him, which is why this one was severely delayed. Also Drama was found on stream not only complaining but heard saying something along the lines of, “I hope they all quit so I don’t have to deal with this anymore.” Admins need to make sure they enforce time limits and rules or else you’ll have another TI DB situation.
  14. Ronin

    Should host gang wars much more often rather than once a year. It'll probably help with getting the issues down and making it significantly more streamlined.
  15. did a moonshine gang just beat a cartel gang?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Bloodmoon


      1 minute ago, Evann said:

      i wish there wasn't epi pens. and i disagree with the "slaughter". this argueing is irrelevant because we have lost because this gang wars is scuffed, and everyone knows it. But i will continue anyways. The first round we fought we defended OG and I got 3 kills on banana rocks and dickbutt, while my gang mates killed a few more. Im sure a few of us died on cap, but all of dickbutt got resed and when Tree pushed window and took it over, everyone that died got resed. If there were no epis (in my opinion because it is bias) we probably would've won that. That is my standpoint. And you can't take control of cap, if there are enemy players on cap with you, at least on Olympus that is how it is. So I don't understand your reply

      No epi's if you guys said no epi's :4head:

    3. Evann


      Just now, Bloodmoon said:

      No epi's if you guys said no epi's :4head:

      yeah ik

    4. Orgondo


      If you think Controlling Cap actually means having the cap say your gang name, oh boy... 2019 fighters crack me up



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