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  1. Ronin

    yikes America...
  2. Ronin

    Vigis are at a disadvantage for getting bounties, the income they make from a bounty should not be reduced. They may consist of a lot of people, but that doesn't mean they necessarily work together like APD does.
  3. Ronin

    NOTORIOUS BANNED FOR AHK? What a meme. Have a clip of him admitting multiple people in the gang were given the same hacks. A couple of weeks ago multiple were banned as well. Also have a clip of him flying around on Olympus, then nuking it.
  4. Ronin

    Make it happen boys, Olympus needed this new logo.
  5. Ronin

    his gang cheated on arma, wouldn't be surprised if they cheated on siege as well.
  6. Ronin

    Said Indian what
  7. what happened to noxious and how long did they last lol

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    2. Ronin


      relocated to a different server or disband and joined different gangs?

    3. kilo.


      dif ts... ryan let me use his ts, now i run the ts.

    4. Ryan


      6 hours ago, kilo. said:

      dif ts... ryan let me use his ts, now i run the ts.

      ^ They just had a teamspeak switch lol

  8. Ronin

    S3 Moonshine shed 15m
  9. Ronin

    welcome fren
  10. Ronin


  11. Ronin

    this is a good ass deal
  12. Ronin


    That is literally what you say to everyone who confronts you on being a shitty civ rep. We only know who you are because of how bad you are at what you signed up to do.
  13. lol don't vote for any APD staff members, they'll just play cop the rare instances they actually get on.
  14. Ronin

    you never pronounced genghis correctly, but o7 buddy
  15. Ronin

    Wonder how well Olympus will react to the change. It'd be unfortunate if it died out. o7

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