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  1. Noble

    bye bye

    Hey can i get some of that back from you o7
  2. Hey @PUREPK TTVI hope things are going well for you both online and in real life! i am so sorry i posted a video 2 weeks ago that upset you. It really shouldn't have happened. During this time of division in the real world politically speaking, I should not have brought this video poking fun of you. Please accept my public and truthful apology and move on instead of mass downvoting me for the next 2 months. 😄 

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    2. Regal


      I hope you and your family can recover from this great hit to your online Olympus Mecca For Gamers TM e-forum e-rep I know it means the world to you and hopefully this attack on your pride and joy isn't hurting too much! 🚱

    3. Noble


      Thanks for the condolences @Regal Im really just trying to recover here but what I did was wrong and i should take the consequences for it. 

    4. Doofenshmirtz


      I think I missed a episode 

  3. 3. If you are flying directly at the titan, you will almost always take the hit because you will always be closer than the flares. - best bet here is to pull up and flare works 99% of time 5. There is a minimum distance the titan must be to lock on to the aircraft. If you're very close, your best bet may be to get right on top of the titan. Freefire is possible, but because arma, at that range half the time the titan will fly straight through the aircraft. - 10- thanks
  4. @Regal


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    2. Noble


      Horse : >

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Why is he putting so much emphasis on the B? STAHP

    4. Regal


      Thank you Noble VERY POG

  5. In an era of flare less planes and people that dont know what radar is you are rank 1 congratulations
  6. Happy birthday @Venomm : > Here is this as a gift 


    1. Venomm


      o block penguin

  7. Okey, We Remove Ban. Start Friday as the Police
  8. ahhahahahahahahha Arma 4 ahahha
  9. Olympus Stats and 7 more pages - Personal - Microsoft Edge (gyazo.com) All this and I can promise you its not actually rigged code wise. Lady luck can just be a real big bitch
  10. Wait your joking right? your known for back capping hahah

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