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  1. as requested by @Outcast where is the auto event adder? admins have to add people manually to events. please make outcasts nights hosting events while plastered much easyer.
  2. BRO IMA FUCKING MISS YOU ill never delete the soundboard of you cooking ghandi up.
  3. ooooooo we added a period now. fancy
  4. i think maybe if i make a suggestion that @Richard just cant deny then he will change what he responds with
  5. seems like you need to expand your vocabulary
  6. i can also see maybe if you were dropping one in kav and you got vdmed while carrying it or rotor tapped while carrying it. it could be useful iv heard of people talking about this but never had anyone actually seriously bring it up i should have known lol
  7. that last part can make sense and not to shit on your parade but it seems like a lot of work for very little usability
  8. be more specific like what situation would you roleplay it in
  9. well give me one good reason other than for the memes lol and you can just pick them back up with a heli
  10. I don't know if civilians can access HEMTT flatbeds, but i cant see why they would want one so if we could pick up dope crates on flatbeds and take away flatbeds for civilians then that could work. But on the other hand what would be the use of using a flatbed to carry a dope crate. The only use i can think of is in cities to move it when they are in the way and therefore anyone could carry a dope crate around if they had a s&r with them. it would seem inefficient and time consuming to carry a dope crate from neochori to og in a flatbed witch is the only other place the dope crates usually go. anyway +1 for clout but +0 for usefullness fixed for richard
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