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  1. https://gyazo.com/7ba2647ccc72f13059f603e30ec232e6 @ChillX
  2. i fucking love you man o7 add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/nightmerc2/
  3. https://gyazo.com/978f63d9f15b880cd016b744717f2133
  4. im transfering to USCG now monkey. kappa
  5. I have been apart of this server sense 2016 and it makes me sad to make this post but it should be said because im checked out of this server mentally. I will still keep support and occasionally play civ but other than that i don't want to be apart of it. There is so much that i wanted to change but am tired of not being in the position with the power to do it. I have given up on my dreams of sR&R as i feel i have hit my prime and gone past my time of interest in the R&R. I wish that timing with the R&R would have worked out better. if you care about my take on olympus then HMU and ill tell you. But i wont post it here because i dont want to start more shit. I will be putting forth efforts into another Altis life server in witch i feel i can make a larger impact on, and one that needs the help. Good luck to the Following people, if i mention you then you made an impact and i respect you for it. @buckie love you man play some cs or anything with me sometime. HMU @Evannnnn i hope you get sargent because you would be the only one other than @Main trying to do somthing for jr. apd if he didant o7. @zoomzooooooom You were always a meemer and respect for the times you fucked with people on the server. it was always funny @Outcast Always enjoyed the rona streams and hope sometime in the future that you can add people to an event easier. @Zahzi you and @Mr Majestic hate me but were all just gamers here so o7 to you both @Strikke i will miss hearing your hadi soundboards @BrokeTime Mad love man, you were always super positive and chill. @Richard idk if thats actually your snap but XD whatever man o7 @Claysive Thanks to you, @Slumberjack, and @Childish for always being there for some good motivation and the memes. @Mudiwa no matter what people think of you i still think that you only wanted to do it for the clout and some of it wasent worth but most of it was funny @PJ. been freinds until you got sR&R we should play somthing together i miss grinding it with you @KudosTV your an og man thanks for being there with me in the begining. @Horizon absolute unit @Headless (unpopular opinion) you have always been chill but mod changed you in a way that i wish i wouldent have. maybe your just more of a leader now but whatever. o7 @Grego i hope you never get past senior deputy on anzus @1thedoc always been a wise person to talk to and hope i see you in the support room again sometime. @Brolaf definitly gonna get sargent here soon. good luck. peace. o7 @decla Never gonna get it. never gonna get it. @Secret Agent, @GluxDesigns, @Shades. Thanks for always being super chill with me and i hope that rippers does well. @Cooper:P we were chill up until almost the end and then something happened. idk what happened. so like HMU cus i still wanna keep you as a friend. Theres to many people to add that were chill in support room with me... o7 gamers
  6. as requested by @Outcast where is the auto event adder? admins have to add people manually to events. please make outcasts nights hosting events while plastered much easyer.
  7. BRO IMA FUCKING MISS YOU ill never delete the soundboard of you cooking ghandi up.
  8. ooooooo we added a period now. fancy
  9. i think maybe if i make a suggestion that @Richard just cant deny then he will change what he responds with
  10. seems like you need to expand your vocabulary
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