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  1. What were the changes that fucked the server up? Sucks to hear cuz it was so fun to play especially with all the big gangs active. Shit was always popping off
  2. Can someone give info on who the top 5 gangs are rn? I saw the top 2 gang funds and I don't remember those gangs. Did Asylum players jump onto Olympus or did gangs break off and form new ones?
  3. I first joined Olympus when I was a teen, like early-mid high school. Now I'm 22 and just finished college at Chapman University if anyone happens to go there. I haven't played in 2.5-3 years since life got real busy. I'm building a new PC and randomly thought about the Olympus servers. I played under [MC] Shadow and various other names I forgot. What happened with moob and co? Doesn't seem like theyre around? Moob? Ghostface? I was thinking about joining back onto the servers but I dont know how many people I played with that would still be playing. Idk what gangs are good now.. I saw CatsMeow is a fuckin billionaire jesus christ how long did that take. But props for getting so rich, I remember him just cuz MC always talked about how he was a jew for money lmao. What are the big changes that have happened in the last 2-3 years? Looks like a lot of different staff. Is it worth coming back on the server, whats the player count like? I remember playing when all 3 servers were full. Good times, I miss robbing in hummingbirds, doing Feds, cartel fights. This was my favorite game and server to play on. I've been outta the loop with video games and shit, is an Arma 4 coming out? I remember 3rip, that little shit. Random ass post to make but just wanted to see whats up with Olympus and the players and stuff. Edit: I think I changed my name to Kyle McDonald when I played cop a lot, what a shitty name. Shadow was better.
  4. I saw that..then 10 minutes after me and a few guys were teleported to the top left of the map and then killed by a titan explosion shortly after. Not sure what happened either
  5. I have all of these for sale, I have an offer on the moonshine/rebel/garage one but haven't accepted. PM me.
  6. Super close to rebel and the garage/air garage/service station. Great for running moonshine. PM me offers if interested.

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