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  1. "sentimental value"
  2. Super close to rebel and the garage/air garage/service station. Great for running moonshine. PM me offers if interested.
  3. 22 and 222
  4. done
  5. I'm looking to buy 4 craters on S2 or any items for sale you have/armed vehicles/hunters/etc. Hmu
  6. 3.2
  7. I messaged him for real, that was just an auction start off
  8. 5.5m just cuz this house annoyed the hell outta me
  9. Whenever I get out of driving a car my wheels turn and lock for like 15 seconds, anyone know the fix?

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    2. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      or just delete the keybind in setings so u only drive with wasd

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Move your mouse when you get in your car. It's annoying but I keep it on because you can drive faster in heavy trucks using the mouse. 

    4. Kyle McDonald
  10. 22

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