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  1. Perm perm perm perm perm perm
  2. even tho you got me permed good luck bro
  3. ClashBy

    Streaming eft

    haha im so gay
  4. ClashBy

    Streaming eft

    @rabid we gotta truely see on labs one day
  5. ClashBy

    Streaming eft

    Live again if anyone wants to watch @clashby/twitch
  6. ClashBy

    Streaming eft

    streaming eft
  7. i thought they put the timer so people cant dupe money?
  8. trust me u would rather wanna be cop here its way better the sapd on archetpye are a bunch of braindead fucks toxic bro dont treat ur sapd like that good way to stay po and also if u quit oly for archetype I have no respect for you asshole
  9. according to my math olympus has deputys and 2+2 is 4 and archetype has cadets so there for .......................
  10. zafir is not 5mil and a mk1 taser is like 900k to 1mil
  11. fucking corona virus is out and ur just chilling at least u got the mask
  12. ClashBy


    Can someone make a 3min video of just ghawking civs/cops PLEASE
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