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  1. G F

  2. G F

    i just skimmed through it must have missed, n1
  3. G F

    is loadout saving for civs back?
  4. G F

    wow im hurt my @ wasnt there, but o7 career cop
  5. First day fighting cap with a new pc. :)


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    2. N7Zero


      buying a brand new PC for a dead game Image result for pepelaugh

    3. G F

      G F

      wasnt just for arma dum

    4. N7Zero


      9 minutes ago, G F said:

      wasnt just for arma dum

      well stating the only info i have is "New PC" + "Arma Related shit" idk bout u but if u put both together.. sounds like the statement i wrote above :)

  6. G F

    good shit pete
  7. G F

    I expect my o7 to be later then slut or molly gets it I've heard she likes pumpkins filled with peanut butter
  8. G F

    +1 quilins without doors.
  9. G F

    Dantoni's already run this shit zzz
    1. Prime


      aint nobody stealing it. It's my favorite picture

    2. G F

      G F

      should've copyrighted dam


      3 minutes ago, Prime said:

      aint nobody stealing it. It's my favorite picture



      heres 2 more

  10. G F


    neck retard give me ur pc
  11. G F

    don't steal my line squash head
  12. G F

    [PB] Gikas
  13. come back retard


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