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  1. selling wp 10k ea

    1. indian


      I’ll buy as many pairs of the shit brown/orange hex csats

    2. G F

      G F

      ok well I can get you around 3,400,000 pairs of csats

    3. indian
  2. G F

    https://www.gofundme.com/need-better-pc-parts-to-kill-bots need a better pc to kill some cartel rats get at it
  3. G F

    Bye goth
  4. wp terminal btw

    1. TheCmdrRex


      That moments it’s been said that it’s coming next update at least 15 times over the forums but you are illiterate so you attempt to shitpost

    2. G F

      G F

      idk what you expect when we're told month old donation goals will be out "next update"

      Edited by G F
    3. TheCmdrRex


      When the estimate has been a week or so for the past few days - a shitpost after at least a week :P 

  5. G F

    i'll middle man
  6. G F

    everything is as low as possible/turned off, only thing I have up is saturation and sharpen filter lol
  7. G F

    I run everything on low and have less than 1km view distance, my settings don't go no lower lmao its an oldish clip but its still not good to play with especially during feds and cartels
  8. G F

    all g I don't want to use that as an excuse tho
  9. G F

    yeh but im an epic roleplayer
  10. gz @decla u career cop

    1. decla


      cheerz cuty

  11. G F

    discounted weapons baby
  12. happy birthday @Bojo you're the best I've ever had :3Nips:

  13. G F

    just because it's 50/50 doesn't mean you're guaranteed to win after a few bets
  14. happy birthday @P a g e im expecting some snaps later ;) 

    1. P a g e #FreeCasper

      P a g e #FreeCasper

      Cheers b but no alcohol or drugs tonight b

    2. P a g e #FreeCasper

      P a g e #FreeCasper

      Dw I lie won £20 on fruitys so getting a g I’ll snap u 

    3. G F

      G F

      n1 sexy

  15. G F


    o7 u were a good admin but also a bot
  16. G F

    gambit goon
  17. G F

    not very nice
  18. G F

    should be a battle royale in wz get with the 2019 trend bot
  19. G F

    not bad not bad
  20. G F


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