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  1. log out and spawn inside of the new wz rebel exactly where u logged. epic

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    2. G F

      G F

      21 minutes ago, NokiaStrong said:

      Bug report


    3. NokiaStrong


      Complain but doesn’t want it fixed

    4. Evann


      1 hour ago, NokiaStrong said:

      Complain but doesn’t want it fixed

      back to santas lap brace face

  2. hbd you fat old spic @Nurse Lou

    1. Gravity


      Tell your mother to get her birthday suit on, im ready for my present ;)

  3. just don't get ur tags ripped as fast this time @Bloodmoon

  4. hbd xray @Xirie

    1. Xirie


      thank you good fight

  5. G F

    i'd rather slit my wrists and do a hand stand
  6. dp22 4crate and 2 2crates all server 2 2x RPG with 6 rockets mar10 lethal 6.5 stealth suppressor 200 war points pm me offers
  7. someone has offered 5m
  8. G F


    1. Skys


      true sex god

  10. hbd big nigga @bastro

    1. Evann


      lmao im reporting u to airborne cya kid

    2. G F

      G F

      5 minutes ago, Evann said:

      lmao im reporting u to airborne cya kid

      nosir I comp

  11. I would be 8fps better off
  12. so u wont mind giving me ur old one thanks
  13. G F

    wtf tell molly im coming for round 2 still got left over peanut butter
  14. G F

    stop being a cyber bully
  15. this shit worse than arma


    1. Dante


      My pc is pretty outdated and runs apex fine. That’s rough. That games way too fast paced to play like that tbh. 

  16. have a dogshit computer so obviously frames are going to be horrible but originally I could atleast kill people and manage with them but now I constantly texture bug/frame drop or even on a cqc where I have high frames I get these frame drops that last around 10-20seconds and sometimes longer so wondering if anyone had any solutions other than upgrading, obviously I have all settings set to low. specs: cpu - amd fx 4300 quad core 3.8ghz processor ram - 16gb ddr3 cant remember what the MHz is but ik its shit for ddr3 probs under 2000 gpu - 1050 ti motherboard - https://gyazo.com/ec3450eb70e4f7935f76edefebe6e7b3 if I did upgrade id probably be only looking for a budget i5 or i7 cpu, motherboard n shit so suggestions would be nice, also for those who know about computers if I did upgrade from amd to intel seen as though its mainly an amd build what would I need to upgrade so that its compatible eg. if I get an i5 cpu it would mean I need a compatible motherboard and ram Ik that part but would there be anything else like power supply and all that shit also heres just an example of the frame drops literally takes cartel fighting out of the option like they happen every few mins and obviously this clip shows what its like but it takes usually quite a while to recover.
  17. Kk dad Oh yeh why upgrade when I can become the next dune user

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